The World Of Wine – Wine News for December 2019

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In this video I run through some of my favourite stories of the last month

– Counterfeit wine seized in Cambodia
– The most expensive wines of the last decade
– Fine wine prices fall in Bordeaux and Burgundy
– Is wine good for you
– Apes drinking alcohol

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Great Wine and Food Ideas For Valentines Day

There is nothing better to surprise your significant other with a dinner for two on Valentines Day. Whether it is for a luscious candlelit dinner or just a stroll down the nearby shores, you and your loved one should have that nice and seductive food and wine pairing to cap off the night away. In fact, sweet wines and soft, delicate foods such as oysters and chocolates are known as aphrodisiacs. It is all up to your taste, however. Bu Valentines Day only comes once a year and pleasing the apple of your eye is worth all the effort.

Italian Wine – An Overview

Next time you are looking for a wine to go with dinner, take a closer look at the Italian varieties. No mater if you like red or white wine, they are the perfect compliment to any Italian dish.

A Wooden Wine Rack Will Add Style Into Any Room in Your Home

You want a wine rack in which to store it all now that you have agreed to increase your wine supplies. Let us look at what choices there are.

Simple Standards of Producing Beer

Beer is a living product, this means that it can get spoiled if you don’t treat it well. It is important that extreme care will be taken when the beer arrives in an hotel or catering company.

Beer Chillers

There are few things in life that come as a bigger disappointment than a warm beer. We have all experienced this, at a party perhaps or a summer barbeque, and it happens time and time again!

Wine Making Equipment – What You Will Need to Make Great Tasting Wine

If you are considering making wine at home it can be a lot of fun and very rewarding. There are a few simple pieces of wine making equipment you will need to be successful. Here is what you will need to make great tasting wine at home.

10 Tips to Brewing Better Beer

To the experienced brewer, these should come off as common sense. But, it’s also easy to forget some of these when you are juggling hop additions, equipment malfunctions and other brew day distractions, such as chasing kids or dogs away from 7 gallons of boiling hot liquids.

Tools and Tips For Bartending – Essential Bar Tending Tools

If you are to take up the art of bar tending you need to have the right tools. These tools are essential to the profession. They are what allows you to mix, stir, shake and store your drinks. Without the right tools to practice at home bar tending will be harder to learn. Here is a list of tools you must have to be good at this profession or maybe just a hubby. These can easily be found in any bar supply store or a liquor store.

Beer Pong Tables – What to Look Out For When You Buy

Regardless of how you got to know about pong, you probably want to set up a table in your own place. You want to be able to host a pong party, or just have people over to play beer pong. And why wouldn’t you want to? Beer pong is awesome!

Choosing Crystal Champagne Glass and Other Stemware

It should not be that difficult to select a crystal stemware including the crystal champagne glass. It requires that you simply get some information as to the varying types of stemware on the market. Stemware essentially is a type of glassware where the bowl is placed on the stem.

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