The World of Wine – June 2020 – How Much does a Vineyard Cost???

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The World of Wine – June 2020 – How Much does a Vineyard Cost???

This is the ‘World of Wine’ for June 2020 covering the following topics:-
– How much does a vineyard cost
– Counterfeit wines in China
– Investors look to Barolo
– New Oregon appellations

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Red Grapes – Varieties And Health Benefits

Red grapes were the first variety of grape to be domesticated; domestication of this grape first originated in Turkey, where not only were the grapes eaten, but they were crushed and mixed with the naturally occurring yeast on the skin of the grape in order to create the first red wine. Grapes that are red in color are noted for their anti-oxidant content and their anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers have discovered that up to two glasses of red wine a day has protective effects on the cardiovascular system and helps to combat aging. These same benefits can be found by eating these grapes without the necessity of drinking alcohol.

Wine Investment Growing In Popularity In China

Wine investment turns out to be one of the most successful and profitable investments on the market. The Fine Wine Investables Index Liv-ex gained 24% last year due to increased interest from Chinese buyers. There is an explanation to it – Russia seems to be out of the wine market for the moment, America has a big demand, but it is not growing very fast and Europe seems flat. China on the other hand is the big story at the moment.

The Beer in Germany

The beer is well-liked all throughout Germany. The beer is an accepted part of their traditions and customs. You can find over a thousand of breweries in the area compared to other places in the globe.

New ADA Study Announces “Beer Does Your Body Good”

You have probably heard that beer offers some health benefits. It’s been speculated (and even studied in the past) that beer provides some important advantages for the human body. However, a newly released ADA (American Dietetic Association) study takes things a bit further.

Make Homemade Wine – Take Care of the Hygiene

If you plan to make homemade wine, it is extremely important to consider hygiene. This is important because you want to understand that there’s occasions when the bacteria will infect the wine homemade & cause it to have a bad taste while still in the production stages- something that you definitely do not want to happen.

Don’t Let Your Wine and Cheese Party Turn Out to Be a Disaster

Wine and cheese parties can be a total disaster if not thought out properly or planned well. The key to a successful party is about mixing the practical with the creative and coming up with a party of the decade – one that your guests will talk about for years.

The Best Temperature for Beer

If you ask most people what the best temperature for beer is, you’ll likely get a response of “cold.” However, drinking a “cold one” I.E. freezing might actually be the wrong way to go about it. So, what temperature is best for beer?

The Beer Brewing Oscars

For most people, the arrival of February means Valentine’s Day is at hand. It’s a time to find the perfect gift to tell that special someone just how much they mean to you. However, for some of the world’s beer brewers, it means it’s time to gear up for competition.

Stella Artois Taps the Cider Industry

Cider has been around for a very long time (in both hard and soft varieties). Hard cider was one of the staple beverages of Colonial America, and was enjoyed more widely than beer or liquor in its time. However, cider sales eventually dropped and it was replaced by beer in most US markets, at least until recently.

An Introduction To The Wine Regions of California

Any beginner wine enthusiast should learn that great wine is produced only under hospitable environmental conditions. There are several great wine-producing regions of the world whose reputation is far from hype – these are the areas in which grapes are grown in optimal weather conditions, which produces top quality wines. Here is an introduction to one of the great wine regions of the world – California.

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