The Wines of Tuscany

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The Wines of Tuscany by GuildSomm.

White Wine Making – An Overview

The term white wine does not necessarily refer to the color of the grapes used. White wine can be made from red or even very dark colored grapes. What is important is that the fleshy part which is clear in appearance is separated or has limited contact with the skin during juicing to ensure that a clear juice is produced. Read on to learn the three basic steps in wine making.

Plastic Ice Cubes

You’ve probably seen those inexpensive little cubes of ice made out of frozen water but have you ever seen the cubes of plastic that look like cubes of ice? Those things are appropriately called plastic ice cubes and they are awesome!

Designing Your Own Wine Cellar

If you are a wine enthusiast, then you probably dream about having your very own wine cellar. While this dream is a stretch for most of us, for others it is quite doable.

Create the Best Homemade Beer With Help of a Complete Homebrew Kit

To keep it simple and effective it is best to buy one of these complete homebrew kits that are available from a couple of manufacturers. But are they any good?

Homebrew Beer is Easy, Fun and Delicious

Many people love a tasty, flavorful, cold beer. But most of us think that making our own homemade beer is a labor intensive process. While that used to be true, you’d be surprised how simple and fun homebrewing has become.

Sake, A Japanese Tradition

Sake is an integral part of Japanese culture, and like the Western wines, it has a ritualized tasting. This article will describe some of the things you need to know about sake when choosing which to drink, as well as explaining the traditional tasting method.

Are There Really Wine Health Benefits?

A lot has been written about the health benefits of wine. But before you decide to start drinking there are some facts you need to be aware of concerning wine health benefits.

Talking About Goblets

When talking about goblets, let us first define what is meant by the term. Goblets are defined as a bowl-shaped drinking glass that has a stem and a base. The origins of this style of drinking glass goes far back into history, as far back as the 1300s and even earlier. Goblets are even mentioned as being used in the Bible.

Homebrewing Can Be a Fun and Satisfying Hobby

Beers from microbreweries taste better than beers available at the store. Have you always wanted to brew beer at home to duplicate that taste? Making beer at home can be fun and very satisfying hobby if you know where to start.

Most Folks Buy the Wine For the Label – The First Time

When it comes to selling wine in retail outlets, it is the label that catches the buyers glance for that second look, and it must jump out at them so they pick it up for a closer look. Any book seller will tell you, that when folks scan the bookstore shelf for books, each book gets a split second of their time, that’s all you got to catch their attention, if you fail, your book will not sell.

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