The Wines of Sonoma County

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The Wines of Sonoma County by GuildSomm.

Customized Wine Labels

Every year there are more people that I know who seem to be making wine. I am not complaining because I love wine and up to this point I have loved all the homemade wine I have tasted. Making your own wine is an old tradition, but in this day and age it is something that not everyone does like they used to.

Wine Tips in Restaurants

Not sure how to order wine in a restaurant? Don’t want to embarrass yourself or your date? Follow these tips with confidence.

Why Does Wine Need to Breathe?

If you’ve ever been in a nice restaurant and have ordered wine you might have been part of a ritual where the waiter will remove the cork to allow the wine to ‘breathe’. This looks neat and can make you feel kind of important but does it really do anything? Why does wine need to breathe?

Wine History – A Quick Lesson

As crazy as this sounds and you might not believe it, but before there was wine, there were vessels to drink it from. Yes, believe it or not, there were containers that actually held liquid before liquid gold was created. These containers were just waiting for something to fill it that would satisfy its purpose far beyond what it could ever dream.

The Local Winery – A New Travel Destination

Local and small wineries and vineyards have multiplied in the past ten years. It appears that every small town in America now has their own local winery and/or vineyard. This author feels that it is her duty to visit every small town winery and vineyard she can find.

Red Wine – The Taste of Romance

What is the first thing that people notice about red wine? The color of course! It is the rich red color.

Need a Wine Refrigerator? 3 Tips For Choosing the Best Model

Need help choosing a wine refrigerator? These three tips will guide you to finding the right cooler to store your growing wine collection!

Wine Racks – Methods to Storing Your Wine

While wine racks are an aesthetically pleasing way to store wine, they also hold value in keeping your wine in optimal storage conditions, allowing the wine to continue aging. Make sure these six storage conditions are present to ensure that your wine stays in quality drinking condition.

Beer and Homebrewing – Four Fun Facts

If you’re like most people, you probably love trivia. Come on – admit it. At some point or another nearly every one of us has played a game of Trivial Pursuit at a party or watched Jeopardy on television. So how would you like to know a few fun facts about beer and homebrewing?

White Wine – Ultimate Sophistication

The ultimate in sophistication and class in the world of wine would be the white wine. It is so versatile because of all the varieties and styles is comes in. White wine can be paired with just about any food you can imagine.

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