The Wines of Rioja and Ribera del Duero

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The Wines of Rioja and Ribera del Duero by GuildSomm.

Kentucky Wine Making

Most people would never think of Kentucky as being a good source of wine. However, a winemaker named Jean Jacques Dufour in 1798 planted the first commercial vineyard in the small town of Nicholasville Kentucky and in 1860 Kentucky was known as the third largest producers of wine. Of course this all came to a grinding stop when prohibition hit.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kit Winemaking

So, you are interested in making wine at home. What are the first steps? Plant a vineyard, wait several years, harvest grapes, and then make wine?

Join a Wine Club Today For Convenience, Education and Discounts

You don’t have to be a swanky socialite to belong to a wine club. There are many benefits associated with a membership, for instance, receiving a “wine of the month”.

Wine Coolers – 3 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Wine Cabinet

Learn about wine refrigerators and how to find the wine cooler that is best suited for you and your chilling needs. When buying a wine fridge, doing your research is key.

Tips For Experiencing a Wine Festival in Napa Valley

Regular visitors to Napa will know that all through the year, there are many events and wine-related festivals taking place in and around the Napa Valley, such as the Annual Vineyard to Vintner Festival each April, the Calistoga Wineries Spring Celebration in May, and also the Sonoma Wine Country during Weekends each July. ‘Napa Valley Festival del Sole’ is arguably one of the world’s most distinctive summer wine festivals. With a package of activities every day, music is the centerpiece of the festival and it is acclaimed by the media as a “feast for the senses,” featuring the finest…

The Enemies of Wine – Why You Need a Wine Bottle Refrigerator

The natural environment in your home is not kind to your wine. A well made wine bottle refrigerator will help the collector overcome the four enemies of wine: temperature, light, humidity, and vibration. Most home environments are not suitable for the storage of fine wines. Let’s review each of these factors in more detail.

7 Reasons to Make Your Own Enhanced Water – Thirst is a Dangerous Thing

Rain falls out of the sky, why would we make our own water on our kitchen stove? This specially hand-crafted and home brewed water has been scientifically shown that it my protect the brain from mental decline as you age. That’s quite important if you’re going to age.

Beer Kits – Tastes Good, Less Work

Most people are shocked at how affordable even the best home brewing kits are. Frequently they’re under $100 and they’re intended to last a lifetime, so they are an investment in adventure.

Purchasing a Home With a Wine Cellar For the Modern-Day Wine Enthusiast

Collecting wine is becoming more of a trend than we’d like to think. For those who can afford it, wine collecting is not only done for taste, but also for collecting one’s favorites as well. For the wine enthusiast, their love of wine is taken to the next level as most wine enthusiasts purchase homes that are equipped with the proper technology and storage components to house their wine.

Why Homebrewing is Always Fun!

As anyone who likes to frequent the types of restaurants who display the brass brewing equipment they create their own “house beer” in will tell you, making your own beer the way these establishments do is both simple and a lot of fun. Obviously it’s not possible to fit the the sort of equipment the restaurants use into an apartment or most homes, let alone afford the sort of huge expense that comes with producing large quantities of beer, but worry not – home brewing requires only a fraction of the equipment.

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