The Wines of Greece

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Easy Wine Making Process – Learn How to Make Wine Today!

Incredibly, the newest and most modern equipments are practically shunned when it comes to wine making. People with discerning tastes know that home made wines makes the best quality wines in the world, because these have the distinctive taste and flavor that is often found nowhere else. At the same time, the local flavors of the grapes remain robust and clear something that commercial wines (particularly those that are made with modern equipments) have always failed to capture.

The Importance of Yeast in Wine Making

Mankind has been drinking wine for thousands of years now. Have you ever wondered how wine is made? Yeast plays an important part in the production of wine. Read on to learn about fermentation and the role that yeast has in the wine making process.

How to Take Advantage of the Health Benefits of Resveratol in Red Wine

Throughout the world wine is the most popular drink. Each country has its own way of making wine and it own specialties. Wine is an important part of most celebrations, rituals and events. Most health conscious people drink wine for better digestion.The health benefits of red wine are a cause for debate around the world today. Read this article to help you understand better the benefits of red wine.

The Role of Yeast in the Fermentation Process

An efficiency expert from England touring a bodega in Jerez was horrified at seeing so much wine being matured in old-fashioned oak butts, and required to know why it was not kept in concrete vats with some oak shavings thrown in to give the right flavor. There was at least some sense in the inquiry. Vats are invariably used for blending large quantities of sherry and also for storing the coarser wines over short periods, but they are not satisfactory for maturing high quality wines…

How Did Brett Get Into My Wine?

Some red wines are at times described as smelling like barnyard. The condition is known as Brett, and is a result of the Brettanomyces yeast, which imparts the unmistakable smell of barnyard or horse stable, typically found only in red wines and usually those aged in oak barrels.

Choosing the Right Metal Wine Racks

Metal wine racks are an ideal selection when you are looking for a safe place to store your wine bottles. The most important thing is that you properly store your wine in the right environment regardless of the type of wine rack that you purchase.

How Champagne Was First Discovered?

Champagne was first introduced to the wine industry by France. Champagne became to be known as Champagne back in early 17th Century. It was named champagne after a French wine growing region known as Champagne where it was first discovered and developed.

How to Choose a Great Red Wine

Red wine is the most popular of all the wines. It not only tastes good, but now all of the great medical benefits it offers has been made known to us. Each day on the news the attributes of red wine is plastered all over the news. Scientists are even drying to make these benefits available in pill form. Red wines are available in a great range of prices. So a great red wine is can be had by anyone at any price point.Below is a list of some of the great red wines.

How to Buy Wine Preservation Kits?

A true wine lover hates to let even a drop of his/her precious wine go to waste and consuming it in a hurry after the bottle is opened for the fear of it getting oxidized is nothing short of a compromise. A good wine preservation kit is therefore an essential part of every wine loving household. However, there are a few points one must keep in mind before investing in a wine preserver.

Step-by-Step Process of How to Grow Grapes

Growing grapes for making wine can be a very satisfying experience. From the planting of the grape vines to the caring for the vines and grapes to the pruning of the grapevines and the harvesting of the grapes for the making of the wine. There are however some points that need to be kept in mind when going through the process to grow grapes, these important points can be found below.

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