The Wines of Champagne

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The Wines of Champagne by GuildSomm.

Top Micro-Breweries of the Mid-Atlantic Region

Perhaps you know the craving. You may be enjoying a healthy-sized plate of hot wings or succulent barbecue ribs, and you suddenly desire a cold beverage to help savor the enjoyment. No fizzy soda or plain glass of ice water will do – you need a beer, frosty and sharp with the right amount of flavor to compliment your meal. Why settle for a standard name brand, though, when you can try the unique taste of a drink brewed regionally? If you live in the Mid-Atlantic area – Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland, you’ll find a host of micro-breweries to try.

Wine 101 – Choosing Wine

Choosing wine when there are such a multitude of bottles to pick from is no easy task. So, how do you go about making the right choice? The first step, as in all purchases, is to know what you like. Being offered the finest Cabernet Sauvignon is of little benefit if your preference is Zinfandel. Therefore, you need to try out the various different wine types (Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Nebbiolos, etc.) to see which are best suited to you.

Wall Mounted Wine Rack – Show Off Your Vintage Proudly

For many people, give them a good vintage bottle of wine and they are in what I call euphoric bliss. In order to truly understand why wine is so popular around the world, you would have to collect wine as a hobby. Then after years of personal experience tasting a variety of different wines you would become what is known as a wine connoisseur.

Know Your Wine and Food Pairings With This Easy, Basic Wine and Food Guide

Here is a basic, easy guideline that helps you with Food and Wine Pairings. If you wonder what wine goes with what food, these food and wine pairings will put you on the right wine track, and allow you to plan your food and wine events with ease.

The Rise of the Wine Trade in the Netherlands

Newly planted, heavily mortgaged vineyards were yielding nothing but debts and all the new investments had yet to be paid for. Only a very few shippers had the foresight to see that things would come right again, notably Alfonso Lacave, then running Williams and Humbert and now running Diez-Merito who, in a paper delivered in March 1976, assured his incredulous audience that not only were all the vineyards needed but that others would have to be planted before very long.

The Growth of the Gilbeys in the Wine Trade

This ancient connection has now lapsed, though, and today the needs of Gilbey’s are supplied by their associated company Croft; but that is a story that can be told later. History is continuous, in a trade as in a nation, and with either the future grows out of the past. Dates signify little. Changes come not from single events but from a concatenation of events and attitudes, some of which may seem remote indeed from the changes that they help to bring about. In 1956, the sherry trade was set firm in its traditions and looked as if it would go on in the same way for ever.

The World’s Best Wines

The making of wine is believed to have started as early as 6000 BC in Georgia and Iran, and production started as early as 4500 BC in Greece. Today, wines are produced in numerous region of the world that laws governing classification and sale of wines require wines to be either classified by region or terroir (European wines) or by grape (non-European wine).

Cooling Down Your Client’s Warm Summer Day With a Frosty Cold Beer Mug

Few things are better than having a cold beer on a warm summer’s evening. For many people, some of their happiest memories are of enjoying those summer evenings. As any marketing expert can tell you, equating happy memories or feelings helps to drive a product.

Best Bets in Wine Types and Food and Wine Matches

Forget all the old myths, traditions, and rules when it comes to wine. Today’s wine advice is to go with what you like, enjoy it, and forget everything else.

The Importance of Pruning Grape Vines

For healthy grape vines which will yield an abundance of healthy grapes you will need to make sure that pruning grape vines is on the top of your list. This is one of the most critical aspects of growing grapes and now you can find out why.

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