The Winemaking Quiz – WSET style questions to test your wine knowledge

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In this video I test your knowledge of winemaking proceeses and techniques with ten questions,

The format of the questions are similar to what you could expect in a WSET examination and therefore will be useful if you are studying or if not, JUST FOR FUN!!

Links to my Winemaking Series
Malolactic Fermentation –
Carbonic Maceration –

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The World Atlas of Wine –
Wine Folly –
The Oxford Companion to Wine –

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US Wine Trails – Visiting Three Under the Radar US Wine Regions

For those of us who love wine and wine travel, discovering a great new vintage is tremendously rewarding. And while many wine regions in California, Washington, and Oregon are well known, there are a growing number of under the radar areas with a thriving wine culture. Let’s explore three blossoming new U.S. wine trails.

The History of Wine Making

This article is about the history of wine. The article discusses where wine originated, how it spread to Europe, the United States, and Australia.

How Champagne is Made

This article is about how champagne is made. The article discusses the process of blending and the traditional French method for creating the product. It also discusses how the product is stored and shared with the consumer.

Antique Wine Glasses – A Must Have For Any Wine Enthusiast

Antique wine glasses are also often called collector’s drinking glasses and with good reason. These glasses are by no means cheap and due to the fact that many of them are unique pieces, meaning that they are truly unique pieces (or a unique set), they are highly sought after by true wine glassware collectors.

Antique Decanter – How Do You Know That You Own the Genuine Glassware?

If you have an antique decanter at home, you should be mighty proud as not many people have a truly unique vintage piece of glassware at home. However how can you be certain that what you own is indeed an antique piece?

Antique Wine Glasses – The Antique Wine Glass For a Posh Experience

Serving wine in antique wine glasses make your party stand out from the crowd. Read this article to learn more about the best way to serve wine using antique glassware.

Get Control of Your Beer Fermenter

Home beer brewing is a great hobby, very rewarding and it gives you the chance to brag, just a bit, to your mates. But you need to get it right otherwise you could become the laughing stock of everyone, as well as being out of pocket financially.

Weddings and the Perfect Wines

Finding the perfect wines for a reception is as important as every other preparation of the momentous occasion. Get hints on how you can offer the ideal wine for the wedding.

Antique Decanter 101

The antique decanter has been very popular back in the 18th, 19th and the early 20th century, when rich folks used them to serve wine to their guests. Read this article to learn everything there is to know about the antique decanter.

Antique Decanter – Tips For Cleaning Your Crystal Decanter the Proper Way

The antique decanter is a collectible item for many wine enthusiasts and collectors of rare items associated with serving and drinking alcohol, such as wine. Read this article how to properly clean your antique decanter.

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