The Wine Pronunciation Game

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In this video I put three contestants under the spotlight as we play ‘The Wine Pronunciation Game’

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How to Pour Champagne From Disposable Champagne Glasses

Like all other fine things in life, nice champagne needs to be treasured. Getting the best out of a glass of champagne can be a romantic moment which could help you relax after a stressful day. Imagine pouring a bottle of champagne and it spills all over you especially into disposable champagne glasses.

How to Make White Wine at Home

Red wines are usually the kind of wine made at home. But it’s just so easy to make white wines as well. “How to make white wine?” you might ask. This chapter is about how to make white wine at home. How to make white wine is just a bit taxing than the red wine because of a little difference in its process which is…

Types of Wine – A Simple Guide For Wine Lovers

A number of factors can be used to breakdown the procedure slightly by classifying each type of wine based on the part of the world the grapes are from. Learn more here.

Basic Guidelines For Combining Food and Wine

Are you at a loss as to what wine to serve with a specific meal? If so, there are some basic guidelines to follow which will help you make that decision.

How Do You Make Wine? – A Short History

How do you make wine? How do people of long ago make wine? The history of wine making spans a very long time… thousands of years actually. It is very much related to the way humankind has lived their lives al throughout these years. It is inculcated in the fields of agriculture, production of various cuisines, human civilization and the way of life of the whole of humanity. Hypothetically, we then ask them: “How do you make wine?”

Australasian Wine Producers Profiting From More Freedom

Australia has produced some very popular wines over the years and has a climate conducive to producing bottles considered some of the best in the world. However, Fiji and New Zealand have also come onto the scene in recent years and has increased their market share largely as a result of their flexible wine producing policies.

Champagne and Sparkling Wine – What to Know

Champagne is the ultimate “special occasion” wine. The pop of the cork, a cascade of bubbles, exotic mouth feel and crystalline flavors are made to order. The big houses, like Mumm, Veuve Clicquot, Pol Roger, Moet & Chandon and of course Dom Perignon all produce enough wine that you can find something of quality to drink on any decent shop shelf or restaurant list.

Marble Wine Chillers – A Perfect Wine Accessory For Your Home

If you are the type who usually hosts parties and cocktails, then perhaps you should consider purchasing a marble wine chiller. Home enthusiasts will surely love these multipurpose wine holders or wine caddies as it combines functionality, elegance, and design.

What Kinds of Wines Are Produced in Australia?

Wine making is one of the world’s oldest traditions. Technologies and tools for wine making exist that show it as a part of the culture of ancient Samaria and Mesopotamia.

Good Argentinian Malbec

As the Malbec vineyards decrease in the south of France, they are growing in Argentina. Argentine Malbec is becoming more and more popular among the area and Argentina is becoming more known for the production of good Argentinian Malbec blends.

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