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A good wine club offers great quality wines that expand your wine smarts. This is the guiding principle behind the Wine Folly Wine Club →

After all, life is too short to drink bad wine. It’s time to learn more about it.

$120 per shipment. 4 bottles. 6x per year.

This is Wine Folly’s first official wine club, and we’re delighted to offer you:

• Practice tasting wine like a pro
• Build your wine tasting repertoire with great quality wines
• Develop the know-how to find great wines on your own ← so important!
• Draw on deep knowledge from experienced educators

Four Incredible Wines Delivered Every Two Months.

Each shipment includes four expertly-curated bottles that explore a foundational topic in wine. This will help you become a better taster while exposing you to new exciting wines. And while each bottle is uniquely delicious, together they offer a greater perspective on wine.

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