The Vineyard Cycle – 12 Months in the Life of a Vine

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In this video we take a look at the 12 month cycle of a grapevine in the vineyeard from Budburst thorugh to pruning.

1. Budburst
2. Early shoot and leaf growth
3. Flowering and fruit set
4. Veraison and berry ripening
5. Harvest
6. Winter Dormancy

Good Wine Costs a Bundle – And Other Common Wine Myths, Busted

I’ve recently begun enjoying wine and trying different types. Up until now I played with the idea of getting more ‘into’ wine, but got scared off because I thought I needed deep pockets and a country club membership. Since I’ve begun my exploration I’ve found that there is a lot of bad information out there about wine, finding the right wine, how to store wine, etc. So here are some tips for wine lovers to help you navigate everything out there that is wrong…

What Are Wine of the Month Clubs?

If you know a real wine enthusiast and want to come up with a great gift – why not give a membership to a monthly wine club? If you’ve never heard of a monthly wine club – this article shows you some of the benefits of such clubs.

Make Me a Match

Anyone who has seen images of an Italian vineyard or heard of its wine country probably has had at least some fleeting desire to know a bit more about wine than they do currently. Sitting down at a solid oak table, swirling the wine, scenting the flavors and finally enjoying all of the nuances of a fine-crafted Lambrusco or Chardonnay seems to be the epitome of a vineyard experience. But there is no reason that you can’t improvise and learn how to select a wine to match your food within the comfort of your own zip code. For those of us without a vineyard close by, here are some tips for wine selection to go with your Italian meal.

5 Common Wine Myths Debunked

Don’t let some snooty ‘wine snob’ scare you away from all the fun you can have by exploring wine. There are countless varieties of wines that you can learn about and try. It can be very relaxing to have some friends over, open up a bottle of your latest ‘find’ and sit back and enjoy the company and the wine.

Tips For Ordering Wine on Vacation

Selecting a wine in a place where you have lots of unfamiliar choices in the wine list can be tricky. In a city such as Las Vegas, where there are few local wines but many choices from all over the world, you can feel a bit lost at first. This article provides tips on how to face this challenge.

Beer Trivia – Homebrewing

And here’s five little known interesting facts on our beverage of choice: good, refreshing beer! To begin with, have you ever had the unfortunate luck of being served a watered-down beer?

The Resistance and Life of Healthy Vines

Before the phylloxera, the useful life of vines in the sherry area varied between fifty and eighty years, and they never gave first class wine until they were twenty or twenty-five years old. The grafted vines have really productive lives of only twenty-five to thirty years, though some growers do not uproot the vines until they are as much as forty-five years old, giving a much reduced yield of top-quality must.

Factors Affecting Wines and Sherries

The must was the life blood of the bodegas; it was continually examined and checked, as everything depended on it. By the end of September, there was fermenting must in every possible corner of the sherry towns, and you could not walk through the streets for more than a few minutes without coming across the sickly, vegetable smell of fermentation; it was one of the necessary evils.

8 Top Tips on Wine Making at Home

Wine making at home is not complicated and the myths of only producing homemade vinegar are totally unfounded. Stick to these simple rules and you will be able to make consistently high quality wines full of character – that you are proud to serve your friends with.

How to Make Your Own Ale – Goat Scrotum Ale

I suppose everyone wherever they are in the world has their favorite beer or ale. Some like Guinness, other Indian Pale ales or even a Coors or Budweiser. What about people who love to create their own ale though? What is their favorite? Without doubt the number one all-time favorite home brew ale to make is Goat Scrotum Ale.

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