The TRUE COST of WINE – Where does the money you spend on a bottle go???

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The TRUE COST of WINE – Where does the money you spend on a bottle go???

Is it true that the more you pay, the better wine you get?

When choosing a bottle you may need to consider the cost of packaging, logistics, taxes, total margins and excise duty as well.

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Will the Brewing Industry Boom Help Boost the American Economy?

It’s old news now: the American economy still stinks. While news outlets and political pundits might point to a miniscule increase in economic prosperity, that gain is not particularly visible to regular folks. In fact, it’s pretty much business as usual as we’ve come to know it over the past few years.

Beer and Ice Cream – A Growing Alliance?

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Vanilla? Chocolate? While those are all relatively “standard” flavors today, the world of ice cream is expanding and the craft beer industry has a lot to do with what’s going on.

New Trouble for Goose Island

Goose Island, the craft brewery that made headlines when it was purchased by Anheuser-Busch, has another headache on their hands. A voluntary recall of one beer the company produced recently is the problem.

Shiraz Wine – Pairing It Well With International Dishes

Shiraz is a bold, spicy and fruity wine that mainly comes from Australia. Its boldness does not limit its ability to be in harmony with the different cuisines of the world. Many popular international dishes, in fact, taste even better when accompanied by its bold flavors and aroma.

Mosquitos and Beer Drinkers – A Match Made in Heaven

As the weather warms up, it’s time for outdoors activities. Cookouts, parties and just hanging out in the yard are among the most common activities that mark the summer months. Of course, you’ll also have to dodge mosquitos as well. For beer drinkers, that might be harder than you think.

Translating Wine: Part One

Speaking the language of wine fluently requires a study of so many interesting disciplines such as biochemistry, gastronomy, linguistics, foreign languages, art, history and geography, to name a few. Add translation to this rich and complex culture and things get really challenging.

Start a Wine Cellar For Under $500

It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive to start a wine cellar, you can easily do this for under $500 including inexpensive wine racks. First find a space in your house that you can store your wine undisturbed. It doesn’t have to be a big space but ideally it would be best to have the wine stored in a dark space where the temperature is cool without a big temperature fluctuation.

Red Wines of Australia – Which Are the Healthiest?

The red wines of Australia continue to gain remarkable reputation across the globe. Two of its varieties are said by medical experts as the healthiest due to its amount of antioxidants which can help prevent cancer, heart disease and stroke.

20% Off Grange?

Penfolds Grange for less. How to get your hands on this iconic wine.

Wine Rack Design – Best Materials to Use

What is the best material for a wine rack? There are hundreds of different styles and designs of wine racks on the market. Many are designed for ornamental purposes, to allow the display of wines, perhaps in a home bar or on a piece of occasional furniture.

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