The Spanish Wine Quiz – WSET style questions to test your knowledge.

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In this video I test your knowledge of Spanish wine with ten questions,

The format of the questions are similar to what you could expect in a WSET examination and therefore will be useful if you are studying or if not, JUST FOR FUN!!

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Beer Making – Fun, Fast and Easy

Making beer in any style or form relies on carbohydrates and its properties. Nearly everything that includes carbohydrates, especially sugar or starch, can carry out organic fermentation, which in turn is one prerequisite in effective beer production.

So, AOC Stands For What – Apple Orange Cupcake Wine?

It is often said to understand wines in generally, you must first understand French wines. And to understand French wines, you must first understand Bordeaux wines. I can live that axiom.

Spinnakers Breweries – Canadian Beer That’s Imported From England!

Spinnakers is a leading brewery in North America. Canada’s oldest brewpub is at Spinnakers and the brewery was founded by SPR. It was manufactured in Ramsbottom in England, located very close to Manchester. The process of importing a packaged plant was the brain child of John Mitchell who set up the Troller Pub brewery in Horseshoe bay, West Vancouver.

American Beer – All You Need to Know About Patrick Henry Beer!

Ever wondered what a beer with an “ale base” was? Read on to learn all about Patrick Henry beer!

Young’s Beer – England’s Characteristic Rich Beer!

Have you ever wondered what English beer is like? Well, here’s your chance to find out. See how Charles Young built an empire out of a brewery he purchased in London, in the 1800s!

Synthetic Vs Real – The Battle Over Cork

This article touches on the face that in the world of wine we are seeing a trend toward plastic corks. The article will hit on the subject of why natural corks are good and why we may favor plastic corks as well.

Home Wine Making Kits

For some, making wine at home may seem futile when you can just go to a liquor store and pick from a variety of wine. That is a valid argument, but imagine the luxury of being able to make your wine choice unique, customized, and not rely on other brands to decide what kind of wine you like.

Collecting Wine in Style

It takes a proper wine rack to store even a few bottles well. Something as mundane as one’s refrigerator will not do long term. Fortunately, even a space as small as a few square feet can be used with the right equipment to provide proper storage. With more space, there is no limit to the custom arrangements that can be used.

Wine Trails – Exploring Minnesota Wine Country and the Three Rivers Wine Trail

While you might not associate the state of Minnesota with wine country, there is a vibrant but largely undiscovered wine country in the state. Join us as we explore the Three Rivers Wine Trail in southeastern Minnesota…

Bartender Secrets – Wisdom From Behind the Bar

The bartender has a bit of a reputation for being wise, comforting, understanding, and even a little bit powerful. The overseer of the local watering hole, these people tend to have a certain amount of authority, deciding who will be served when, who has had too much to drink, controlling the environment, making peace amongst the patrons, and calling in backup if things get out of hand. Even in cases where the bartender is clearly an employee of someone else, it is still up to them to lead the bar, setting the pace and tone for the space and generally making sure everyone has as good a time as possible.

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