The Smell of LIQUORICE in Wine – The Aroma Archive Ep29 – Liquorice

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The Aroma Archive is your resource for understanding all the aromas in your wine. This video is all about Liquorice in wine and what that means.

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How Are Wines Named?

Are you new to the world of wine? Do you find it confusing when you’re looking at the wine labels? Wine names can sometimes be quite confusing since they are named in two different ways. In general, Old World (European) wines are named by the region of production, while New World (non-European) wines are named by the grape variety used.

Seven Most Popular Types of White Wine

A white wine’s character and flavor are often determined by the type of grape varietal used, the region where the grapes are grown and how they are processed. Of all the hundreds of different white wine varietals available around the world, there are seven that are most popular: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Chenin Blanc, Semillon, Pinot Gris, and Gewurztraminer…

Five Questions to Ask Your Local Wine Maker

Exploring local wineries can be a lot of fun but it can also be intimidating. The individuality that makes local wine so much fun to consume also makes it challenging to wine consumers. Not all of the “rules” about storing, pairing, and serving wine apply in the same way to local wine. So the next time your out buying wine be sure to ask the wine maker these important questions.

An Outdoor Home Bar Can Add a Lot to Your Summer Parties

The heat is finally on and everyone wants to venture out of doors to work and play.  It’s barbecue and pool party time with family and friends. This summer, why don’t you treat yourself and your guests to an outdoor home bar to add to the frolic and let the good times roll.

Wines of Le Marche, Central Italy – A Brief Overview

Italy is internationally reknown for the excellent quality of its wine. When you think of Italian wine growing regions, Piedmont, Tuscany or the Veneto spring to mind. However, although not internationally famous for its’ vineyards, Le Marche does produce some wines of excellent quality. With increasing numbers of international visitors to the region, interest and demand for this wine will grow.

Wine Tasting: A Fine Art

Wine tasting is an ancient practice that has been honed into a fine art over the last eight centuries. Specific methods have been formulated and rejected and reformulated over the years to arrive at what is currently considered as the best way to ascertain the quality of any wine. Sommeliers and wine connoisseurs agree that wine tasting is best kept simple.

Cave Creek Chili Beer Review

Many years ago a friend told me about chili beer, but I had never encountered one. Or at least, never had the desire to try it out. It looks fun enough. After all, there’s a chili pepper in the bottle. That was the first indication that I can’t take this beer too seriously.

The Art of Choosing the Best Wine – Grape Breeds and Wine Tasting Tips

Drinking wine is good for the heart. It is also the reason why French women do not get fat. Drinking wine is the healthy way to drink but as always should be moderate. Wine is organic because it is mostly made from all sorts of grapes. Wine can be red, white, sparkling and even wormy.

Do You Know About Northern California Wineries?

For those of you who like to explore wineries in California, there may be an area you may be missing for your winery tours. Of the approximately 30 Northern California Wineries consisting of Shasta, Tehama, Trinity and Siskiyou Counties, I recently attended a wine tasting event of several of these area wineries at the Shasta District Fair.

How-To Read a French Wine Label

As an American, buying french wine is intimidating. Wine is much more ingrained in the French culture than it is here in the States, and they seem to revel in exposing our ignorance. Take a French wine label, which seems to say: If you don’t know what this means, it’s not meant for you. But it’s a ruse! You don’t need to speak French to figure out the joys of French wine.

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