The Smell of LEATHER in Wine – The Aroma Archive Ep18 – Leather

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The Aroma Archive is your resource for understanding all the aromas in your wine. This video is all about Leather in wine and what that means.

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Taking the “Snob” Out of Wine

Why does wine have such an aloof image? The times are changing…

Cooking With Puree’

Gourmet chefs and the chefs at home now have a quick and easier way of adding a touch of class and taste to their meals. If your an executive chef, a pastry chef or a bartender with flair you are aware or will soon be of the many uses for puree’s.

Use a Portable Breathalyzer to Ensure You Drink Responsibly at All Times

No when to say when with a portable breathalyzer. Find out how it can help you in more ways than one.

The Difference Between Italian Wines

Many times when you think about Italian wines, you will probably picture it in a glass of red wine. However, there is good quality, sparkling white wine available in Italy. These well-aged wines are matured in certain regions popular for just wine making There is something about Italian wine, which makes it hard to compare any other wines to them.

Properly Aging and Taking Care of Wine

The aging process of wine is controlled by a wine cellar. These are used to house the bottles of wine which need proper storage until the day they will become mature. Effective controls make sure this happens in the right manner.

Wines – Italian Wine

Italian red wine is attracting more jabber compared to white wines all though both are produced in Italy. Italian white wine is produced form a variety of grapes all available in different regions of Italy. The taste varies with how it was matured.

Red Wine, the Perfect Style Symbol Or the Elixir of Life

This article speaks about the most popular drink these days that is red wine. It did not become a status symbol recently but has been like this for a while. This article tells you about the serving requirements of red wine and gives a brief info on reason for its distinct color. You will also find some of the health benefits of this drink.

Tasting Lesson

People new to wine drinking are often confused about the wine tasting ritual. This brief lesson gives a beginner the basics of wine tasting. Included are the basics of looking at, sniffing, and, ultimately, tasting wine without feeling intimidated.

Information on Red Wines

It can be difficult to know what people are talking about when they discuss wines and other alcoholic drinks. Don’t get me wrong I’m like many people and I obviously know the difference between a white, red and rose but I don’t know about the different types of grapes and wines.

Choosing the Right Wine – How a Sommelier Can Enhance Your Meal

Many people around the world love a glass of wine with dinner. People who don’t enjoy wine are simply not aware of the difference the right variety can make in a meal. Wine and food pairing is something that many diners are not given much thought.

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