The Smell of GREEN BELL PEPPER in Wine – The Aroma Archive Ep8 – Green Bell Pepper

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The Aroma Archive is your resource for understanding all the aromas in your wine. This video is all about Green Pepper in wine and what that means.

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Creating Custom Wine Racks in Your Home

Perhaps it’s safe to say that wine is considered a status symbol – that those with the most rare and expensive wines are rich enough to own a small part of the world. Okay, so it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but wine connoisseurs who want to show off their collection of famous wines that they’ve acquired during the course of their lifetime would do well to invest in custom wine racks.

Beer Brewing Can Be Fun!

You don’t have to be a ‘train-spotter’ type to have a hobby like beer brewing at home! If you think about it it’s a pretty cool pastime and sharing the end result with your friends or family makes you a bit of a celebrity, especially when they begin to realise your beer tastes better than the stuff served in their favourite bar!

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Red Wine

There are no two ways about it, drinking to much red wine is bad for your health. But then arises the questions, how much is too much?

Tips For Choosing the Best Wine

When someone is trying to choose the best wine, the first question that needs to be asked is, “What do you like?” That question alone will narrow down the choices that are available. Once the types of wine are narrowed down, establish a budget.

How to Find Wine at a Cheap Price

Because wine has become so popular over the last decade or so, many of the labels that were once very affordable are now in the medium to high price ranges. This has chased many prospective wine lovers back to their old favorites and has all but alienated low budget wine drinkers.

Samuel Adams Beer and All You Need to Know About it! America’s Favorite Beer Brand

Read on to learn more about Samuel Adams breweries. There’s so much about it you probably had no clue about!

Enjoy the Pleasures of Wine Without Taking Alcohol With Alcohol Free Wines

Through legal definition, any wine can be considered as alcohol free that has less than half of one percent of alcohol. Although it is not possible to remove the alcohol completely from these wines, these wines tend to meet the legal standard.

The Dangers of Bulk Aging Your Homemade Wine

Some people feel that bulk aging can be dangerous. What I mean when I say bulk aging is aging a wine in a carboy or barrel rather than in a bottle. What bulk aging offers is a more consistent batch of wine since all of your wine is aged together.

Ice Wine – The Origins and Joys of the Eiswein

Many people haven’t heard of ice wine yet and they will be quite surprised to learn that it is as old as the ancient Romans themselves. Indeed, ice wine, or as the Germans call it Eiswein, has been first made in Roman times from frozen grapes.

The Special Factors With the Types of the Best White Wine

In contrast to its label, the best white wine have different colors: via clarion, to soft or glowing yellow-colored or maybe a shade of green contingent on it’s beginning which often dominate any fermentation course of action as well as expertise of the grapes fruit flesh. The flavour is additionally a variety of the spicey, sweet, tangy, and even minty flavours, because of the fermentation procedure coordinated with the woodsy sting associated with oak.

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