The Smell of GRAPEFRUIT in Wine – The Aroma Archive Ep21 – Grapefruit

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The Aroma Archive is your resource for understanding all the aromas in your wine. This video is all about Grapefruit in wine and what that means.

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How Wooden Wine Racks Can Easily Grow With Your Collection

Wooden wine racks are extremely versatile. That’s why they’re the preferred wine storage method for both residential and commercial use. Many types of wooden wine racks have the ability to easily be expanded. This will allow you to grow your racks as you grow your collection. Learn more here.

Wine Rack Reviews – How to Find the Perfect One For Your Place

Wine racks are important pieces of equipment for the wine lover in so many ways. It is an excellent way to store bottles of wine without going through the time, effort and money to build a wine cellar, not to mention that it lends beauty to the mini-bar. In the process of purchasing one, you will encounter wine rack reviews. Read on to find out more…

Wine Investments – How Much Does a Wine’s Score Relate to Its Profit Potential?

If you are just getting into the world of wine investments, then you have likely seen by now that every wine is given some type of rating. This rating is used to tell you a number of different things about the wine. Not only does it tell you about how good or bad the wine is perceived to be, but it will also give you an idea of how your investment is going to turn out in the future.

Why Get a Wine Club Membership?

If you love to drink and serve wine but don;t have the time to spend learning all about the different regions, vintages, grapes, pairings and so forth, a wine club membership can help. Most of us wish we knew more about wine, and a membership gives us the chance to expand our knowledge and experience with fine wines.

Less Expensive Alternatives to Champagne

Want to enjoy the sound of popping corks and bubbles in your glass, but don’t want to spend too much? Then leave the Champagne on the shelf and instead choose from any of these excellent sparkling wines!

Wine Glass Stemware

When sitting down to enjoy a meal, some people prefer to compliment their food with the perfect glass of wine. Wine is a drink that needs to be properly served in the right wine glass stemware. Just as you never see someone cutting a steak with a butter or bread knife, you never see someone drinking wine out of a juice glass, coffee cup or a plastic cup.

Wine Boxes

Wine packaging comes in many shapes and sizes and has varied in style throughout the years. In general there are three types of wine packaging – the box, the bag, or cellophane wrapping. The difficulty with wine packaging is catering for the many types, shapes, and sizes of wine bottle, after all this is the whole reason that the packaging industry exists. There are three main types of wine bottle – Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Bocksbeutel.

Draft Beer – What Type of Bars Serve Draft Beer?

An explanation of the different types of bars that serve draft beer, bottled beer, imported beer, domestic beer, wine, and spirits, cocktails, and hard liquor. Find out what type of bar has what you want to drink and which environment is right for you.

Lighten Up to Beat the Heat

Summer sure has arrived. It’s hot and humid here and other parts of the country are suffering from 100-plus degree temperatures. This time of year we need to slow down and be careful. We should monitor the amount of sun exposure, stay hydrated and eat lighter.

How to Avoid Exploding Home Brew Bottles

It happened to me and to most beginning brewers but you have a good change to avoid exploding home brew bottles if you read this article. Because having the right home brew bottle will literally make or break a home beer brewing creation.

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