The Smell of FIGS in Wine – The Aroma Archive Ep7 – Fig

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The Aroma Archive is your resource for understanding all the aromas in your wine. This video is all about Figs in wine and what that means.

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The Making of Beer – From Grain to Bottle

Beer, love it or hate it, we’ve all tried it, and many have tried to make it at home themselves. The brewing can be more complicated than many think.

Enjoying Wine – How to Do It

For some people, it’s just open, pour, and drink. Wine is a great drink but there is much more to it than that.

What Wine to Choose in Spain

Stuck on what wine to choose in a Spanish restaurant or supermarket? Well, help is at hand with our Spanish wine guide below.

Why Buy and Store Wine?

I love wine as many people have for centuries. Although previous a big beer drinker (and I still enjoy beer), as I got more into food, I found that wine goes far better with most foods.

How to Compare Bordeaux Wines – Grapes, Age and Style

Bordeaux wines are produced in the Bordeaux region, near the Southeast coast of France. Bordeaux is considered to have some of the best vineyard areas in the world, with productions including table wine to the most prestigious wine. Some of the most well-known wine from Bordeaux includes red wine from Medoc and Saint-Emilion, white wine from Graves, and dessert wines from Sauternes.

Beer and Brewing – Evolving With Society’s Tastes

The most popular kind of beer in the United States is lager beer. This beer originated in Germany. It gets its name from the German word for “storage” (Lager) because it is stored away for some period of time before it is used.

To Chill Or Not to Chill?

Not sure how to serve your wine? What to do with that little bit swishing around after the dinner party? Here are some quick tips on that age old question: To chill, or not to chill?

Shooting For Low Calorie Mixed Drinks

Do you enjoy your mixed drinks, but not the damage it does on the waistline? Read on to learn about several tricks you can follow to minimize the damage by sticking to low calorie mixed drinks.

Wine Racks – Home Storage Tips

Storing wine is a complex process that must be done correctly to maintain perfect-tasting wine. Follow these wine storage tips to become an expert in home wine storage.

A Guide to Pairing Wine With Food

Pairing wine with food is not something that many people feel especially confident in doing, but in truth, unless you are serving a group of food and wine experts at a dinner party, it’s relatively easy to serve good combinations. Almost everyone has heard that wine goes well with cheese, but exactly what goes with what? Well, as a general rule, red goes nicely with mild to sharp flavoured cheeses, and intensively strong flavoured cheese is better with a sweeter tipple.

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