The Smell of ALMOND in Wine – The Aroma Archive Ep15 – Almond

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The Aroma Archive is your resource for understanding all the aromas in your wine. This video is all about Butter in wine and what that means.

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Who Can Use Estate Bottled on Their Wine Labels?

The term estate bottled has a certain amount of appeal to wine drinkers whether they are aware of what it really means or not. Wineries realize this and so will often use it if they qualify. In the case of a wine brand owner who is a custom crush client at a winery, which means they are a wholesaler, the use of estate bottled on their wines is a only available to them under one set of circumstances.

Bold Red Wines

If elegance and sophistication is what you are looking for then surely you must be a fan of red wine! A personification of class and dignity for centuries, red wine can speak volumes on your behalf.

Wine Enthusiast Paradise!

As if Aspen, Colorado didn’t have enough summer draw already, this past June 18th weekend was a big one, hosting again the annual Aspen Food & Wine Classic weekend. This weekend draws in the top dog wine enthusiast as well as the average Joe who just likes to eat good food and sip tasty wines.

Starting a Wine Cellar – Tips For a Successful Start

One of the main enjoyments of drinking wine is having a wine cellar where you can select any bottle of wine that you fancy at any given time. Starting a wine cellar will easily allow you to store your red or white wine in best conditions that will allow it to mature and become ready to drink the right way.

The Mini Keg – Enjoy a Beer Without the Hassle of Bottles Or Cans!

The mini keg is a great way to enjoy a tasty beer without the hassle of dealing with numerous bottles or cans. It is also smaller and more compact then buying a regular sized keg. This makes it portable so you can bring it over to a friends house or even more it to different rooms around your house.

5 Things You Should Know About Kosher Wine

Kosher wine, and wine in general, is an extremely complex drink. In fact to call it a drink seems like an injustice, as the term really doesn’t showcase its brilliance. Kosher wine could more aptly be called a drinkable delicacy.

The Mini Keg – Changing the Way We Drink Beer!

The mini keg is compact, portable and bottle free! It is also my most favorite invention of the twentieth century. Okay, so maybe that is a slight over exaggeration but it has really changed the face of drinking beer.

How to Store Your Red Wine

If you’re wondering how to store your red wine the proper way, you’ve come to the right place. Storing wine the right way is important because it strongly impacts its taste and quality when it is consumed. Stored wrongly, you will get a spoiled and funny tasting wine. Stored right, you will get a wine that even gods would love to drink.

The Value of Choosing Good Quality Brew Beer Equipment

For people that love home brewing, nothing would make them happier than having the right type of brew beer equipment to enhance the brew that is produced. Having the proper brew beer equipment can make or break the brew which is created, with the wrong equipment causing frustration as the home brew might not come out exactly like the brewer would like it to.

Use a Wine Tasting Glass to Enhance the Taste of Your Wine

Choosing the right wine tasting glass will greatly affect the way your wine will taste in your mouth. While the average person might not notice any difference, the real wine connoisseurs will definitely know the difference. Or so they say.

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