The Sickest 1954 Ford F100’s

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Pictures of some of the sickest 1954 F100’s.

Cooking with Wine or Selecting the Right Wine for a Meal

Whether choosing a wine to complement your meal or picking a wine as an ingredient to go with certain spices, these simple guidelines should be helpful.

All About Vodka Brands

With so many brands out there, which Vodka should I put my dollar on? That’s the question running in all our minds. Read on to find out the answer.

The Virtues Of The Wine Storage Cooler

The wine storage cooler is not a single invention, but rather a line of different coolers which have the general purpose of keeping wine at a proper temperature. Where wine is concerned, the two greatest enemies to great taste are light and heat.

Choosing a Wine for Your Dinner Host

A much appreciated gift to bring for your host when invited to dinner or a party is a wonderful bottle of wine. While the idea is a simple one, some decisions may make it seem more complicated. Follow these steps to ensure your success.

Unique Wine Decanting Accessory Uses A Simple Vacuum System To Avoid Wasting Wine

Decanting wine will enhance its quality, presentation and experience, but as you enjoy more wine that has been decanted, and you can’t finish all of it, you find it is difficult to retain its great taste for more than a few hours. Here is a simple and effective product to preserve your wine that is pleasing to the eye and the budget.

Spinetta’s Finest Baby Barolo Yet

Exotic and luxuriously textured with notes of black plum, currant and black cherry with subtle hints of smoke and spice. Warm on the palate with perfect tannins and a long finish. ‘Pin’ pairs terrifically with grilled and elaborate red meat dishes, as well as strong cheeses.

Pinot-Like Wine Grown In The Highest Elevation In Sicily

Made from 100% Nerello Mascalese, a native Sicilian grape, the 2004 ‘Guardiola’ is an absolute treasure. The wine displays impeccably fresh and rich fruit reminiscent of red and black cherries followed by earth, subtle tobacco and silky dry tannins making this wine a perfect compliment to veal bolognese, crispy roasted duck, leg of lamb, and wild boar.

Break Up Your Winter Reds With An Elegant White Burgundy

Hints of oak spice frame the yellow orchard fruit aromas, particularly peach and apricot. Rich and full-bodied flavors accompany ample amounts of dry extract and excellent concentration that buffer the intense minerality on the deep and punchy finish. This is a big yet elegant wine that will be approachable young though should hold well.

2004 ‘Clio,’ Bodegas El Nido

The 2004 has just been released and we tasted it yesterday; it is every very bit as good as the two prior vintages. This consistency is a byproduct of Jumilla, Spain which is a semi-dessert terrain and has very consistent climate.

A Rare Rhone Style Blend Out Of Australia

Going through my tasting notes from this wonderful wine producing country, we were looking for a wine that was not too extracted and one dimensional, but still rich and full of Australian flavor. We then came across a small production favorite, the 2003 Teusner, Avatar. Less than 400 cases of this special wine were made.

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