The Secret to Wine Vintages

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Madeline Puckette dives into the differences between two vintages of Lopez de Heredia’s “Viña Cubillo Crianza” and how variation is a fundamental theme in fine wine.

Wine Tasting Course – How to Find the Right One

The author shows why it is necessary to join a well-structured wine tasting course. He lists down the advantages of joining a wine tasting course.

Making Wine – Tips And Suggestions

Homemade wine has become a big hobby for many wine enthusiasts. The process of making wine can be done almost anywhere, and for many this hobby can become a passion.

How to Make Wine From Grapes – The Art and Science

Wine making is an ancient practice and believe it or not, the first recorded grape wines were discovered in China and have been dated all the way back to before 7000BC. However amazingly, the methods for making wine have not changed significantly over the centuries. There are still the same set of factors that must be considered when making grape wine today. Most important are the type of grapes used and this requires a basic understanding of the practice of growing them.

Information & Usage – Corkscrews

Most wines today are sealed with soft corks which are in fact very difficult to grip and remove, especially if they are inserted fully into an inflexible glass bottle. That’s why corkscrews are necessary to open wines that are sealed with corks.

Don’t Trust the Waiter

Like wine but are often intimidated by wine lists? Well the waiter is the last person you should trust!

Bartending – More Than Just Serving Drinks

Years ago bartending was just a trade where liquor was bought and sold, how things have changed. Bartending nowadays is more than just serving drinks, it involves psychology too. Let me share some of the psychology with you.

Bars – Best Place to Drink Cocktails and Mocktails

London the capital of Britain is not only famous for its notable historic events but also for it’s tempting bar culture. Foot tapping music, or quiet corners, tempting cocktails or fuzzy mocktails and a lot more is what you would find in London Bars.

Is Wine Gluten Free?

For those that follow a gluten free diet, wine has been recognized as a beverage that is safe to drink. That’s good news for those who like to enjoy a good glass of Chardonnay or a good Merlot.

Online Wine of the Month Clubs Offer the Novice an Easy Way to Become a Connoisseur

Wine tasting is an interesting and exciting way to spend an afternoon. But like with many new hobbies, the novice may feel intimidated to experience wine tasting and embarrassed to ask simple questions to other wine enthusiasts.

Argentinian Wines – Why Argentinian White Wine Is Just As Good As the Red

Argentinian white wines are often overshadowed by the red wines produced. However this should not be the case, white wine from Argentina, although lacking in quantity certainly makes up for it in quality. One of the white wine grapes that Argentina has made its own is the Torrontes grape, grown in La Rioja, Mendozza, Rio Negro and Salta the grape is perfect for the Argentinian wine climate.

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