The Right Temperature to Serve Wine?

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Episode #9 of Julien’s Wine School where Julien explains the ideal serving or pouring temperatures for various types of wines, white wine, rosé, red wines as well as Champagne (including prestige cuvées like Dom Pérignon) and other sparkling wines (bubblies).

Read more about this topic, more information explained in my complete guide to the perfect wine serving and storage temperatures on my blog Social Vignerons including a simple yet detailed infographic chart:

As a qualified winemaker, I made the research into the science of wine (enology) to find out and clear things up once and for all about serving temperatures of wine to enjoy your vino at its best depending on its style..

Check out Episode #8 where I looked at the color of wines:

Also, see Julien’s Wine School Episode 1 where I discuss why it is important to observe the appearance (sight) of you vino before tasting:

See you soon again in the wonderful world of wine.


Master of Wine

Master of wine is one of the most difficult titles to earn; it requires immense hard work, time and effort. The title is awarded by The Institute of Masters of Wine of U.K. The wine makers need to submit the essay and the remarks which were made after tasting the exquisite wine.

Pruning Grapes For the Best Wine

Once you have your vineyard planted in the most favorable location, the next most important consideration in growing the best grapes is proper pruning. Pruning is an ongoing task throughout the life of your vineyard and is critical to maximize the production and quality of your grapes.

Hungarian Wines

Hungary probably does not cross your mind when someone talks about wine. It is actually a very active wine loving country that’s rich in wine history and tradition, even if it may not be widely known. You may be among the top percentage of wine lovers, but because Hungary’s wine traditions are only just beginning to spread, it is likely you had never known about it. Of course, there are a few who already know all about it.

Wine Making in a Nutshell

If you believe the wine companies, production of quality wine is a mystery that is known only by their winemaker who has a degree in enology and viticulture and studied under a master winemaker for many years. Actually wine making is quite simple and the common man has made wine since the beginning of civilization. All that fancy training may be necessary to run a multi million dollar operation, but you can turn grapes into wine with minimum training.

A Guide to Pairing Wine and Chocolate

Have you ever struggled to pair wine and chocolate? Yes, this can be a challenging experience, waste of money or a spoiled evening. It might be not, though. Look at the guide to create your own wine and chocolate perfect match. Chocolate and wine are some of the best enjoyed food on Earth. Why put anything in between?

Brookmere Winery – A Pennsylvania Treat – Part I

Did you know there’s a great winery near Penn State University’s main campus? I didn’t until Brenda and I stumbled upon Brookmere Winery in Belleville, PA. We stopped in and enjoyed a fine afternoon of wine tasting and friendship. Check it out, you’ll be glad you did.

Wrapped Up in Wine Tasting

People get way too wrapped up about wine. And there is no better example of this than those incredibly complex aroma wheels seemingly packed with more aromas and scents than any normal human being is likely to encounter in a life time – let alone recall on command.

Put Some Wine on Your Super Bowl Party Menu

One of our New Year’s resolutions for 2009 is to find exciting new wines that offer exceptional value. In the column, I have always tried to present wines that offer good value and this approach is more appropriate than ever. With all of the snow/sleet/ice/rain we experience this time of year, we tend to hang out at our homes and host or attend indoor parties. Football playoffs offer a good reason to invite your friends over and have some fun. In this column, Karen will provide a quick …

A Basic Wine Education

Wine is an ancient alcoholic beverage which has been consumed by humans for as much as the last 8000 years. It is most often made from various types of fermented grape juice, although you can make wine by fermenting other foods such as fruits, barley, ginger, and rice. These wines are distinguished from the grape beverage by their names which are derived from the substance used; for example barley wine, or strawberry wine.

The Purpose of a Grape Trellis

Grapevines, similar to other types of vine plants, are accustomed to growing along the ground or attaching themselves to some type of support structure. They are not strong enough to support themselves and need some form of artificial support. A grape trellis is used for grapevines to grow as healthy and productive as possible, the vines are trained onto the trellis – a structure that provides support for the growing vine.

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