The RED Wine Quiz – WSET style exam questions to test and quiz your knowledge

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In this video I test your knowledge of rose wine with ten questions, about the grapes, styles and producing countries

The format of the questions are similar to what you could expect in a WSET examination and therefore will be useful if you are studying or if not, JUST FOR FUN!

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Alcohol – Can I Drink and Lose Weight Still?

So many people love their drinks. I won’t deny and say it’s not nice to go out for drinks with friends, family and love ones the odd time.

Frozen Wine Slush Drinks

Frozen wine slushies (or frozen wine slush drinks) are sweeping the country. It’s the hottest new trend in wine since grapes. Finally, a slushie for grownups.

The Wonderful World of Wine Barrels and Creative Ways to Reuse Them!

Throughout the wine aging process, wine barrels lend to a wine’s character, flavor, and complexity. Wine barrels serve a wonderful purpose, though have a life span averaging 3 to 5 years and are then subject to being discarded. Engage in the creative ways wine barrels are being recycled and reused today, and challenge yourself to come up with your own unique ideas!

Best Food to Enjoy With Kosher Red Wines and White Wines

Want some ideas for great Kosher meals to pair with Kosher red wines and white wines? Well, you’re in luck.

What Every Wine Lover Must Know About Storing Wine – Black Wine Cabinets

There is a certain timelessness to anything black. A black dress, a black suit or a black handbag are all purchases that will remain relevant and stylish for many years to come. A wine rack is no exception. But the popularity of storing wine in a black wine cabinets has to do with more than good looks…

Champagne and Sparkling Wines

It’s great to have some champagne when you have a celebration. Until recently I hadn’t appreciated how much champagne costs in comparison to the average bottle of sparkling wine.

Have You Discovered the Need For a Wine Rack?

Have you discovered that that a wine rack will be something that is needed in the future or maybe even now in the home? If you answered yes, the next step is to decide what kind you need. They come in free standing form, wall attached or ones that just sit on top of the table.

Wine Culture – Are the United States a Wine Culture?

Figures from the Wine Market Council show that in 2007 the United States overtook Italy to become the second largest wine consuming country in the world with just over 300 million cases being consumed, representing 3 gallons per capita annually. When you take into account that a case of wine is approximately 2.4 gallons, this means that American adult wine consumption is approximately 1 case per capita annually.

Picking Out a Wine Store

Getting wine might be an intimidating knowledge. Should you know nothing about wine but still desire to impress your dinner guests then picking a excellent wine shop is really a excellent place to start. The suitable store will have a wide selection of wines as well as knowledgeable staff who will allow you to in selecting the proper one.

The Value of Wine Pairing With Foodstuff

Wine pairing with foodstuff is extremely critical, and this is truly how you are supposed to choose your wine. The best idea is usually to decide on what you need to serve for dinner, and then use wine pairing to determine which specific wine is going to very best compliment the dish.

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