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Since 1990, it has been our wine club’s mission to help artisan wineries share their small-batch wines with wine enthusiasts everywhere. At The California Wine Club we happen to think these wines simply taste better than the mass-produced wines that dominate store shelves. 2020 has been an especially challenging year for small, family wineries. When you support us, you support them. We thank you and wish you a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year.

Beer Review Roundup: Holiday Edition

As we are now deep in the trenches of the holiday season, our one tangible reward is the amazing food and drink. I wanted to cover a few beers that remind me of various foods from the holidays. If you want to submit your own beer suggestions or reviews, check out the Submit Article page for details. We hope you enjoy this list and would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.

Buy Wine Online and Dine in Style

Wine was once known to be the drink for aristocrats. The kings and queens hosted lavish parties for their guests and plied them with the best quality wine. It was the means to sign peace treaties, build tacit understandings and sometimes even take over kingdoms.

Champagne For Every Course

It’s the holidays and Champagne has long been associated with this time of year. Weddings, anniversaries and special celebratory functions also top the list for toasting with Champagne. These days, however, Champagne is widely accepted as the perfect aperitif for dinner parties and family gatherings. In fact, many believe that Champagne, more so than wine or any other beverage, is more versatile in paring with various kinds of food.

The Special Aspects of Wine Refrigerator

Why would someone what a wine refrigerator? Why not just use the refrigerator you already have or a mini refrigerator? Well, there are some reasons to consider, but it all depends on the user when it comes to finding the right refrigerator for them.

Secrets for Growing Wine Grapes

Any wine begins with the grapes. If the person growing wine grapes does not do it correctly, the grapes for the wine will not be as good. Therefore, the wine will not be as delicious as it could be. So before venturing into growing this fruit for wine making, learn how to grow it correctly. Below are some secrets (not that hush-hush though) to growing good grapes.

Thanksgiving Desserts Can Be Improved With Wine

Ever notice your kitchen is the room where everyone gathers when entertaining friends and family? This is particularly true at Thanksgiving, where the meal’s enticing aromas of roast turkey, savory dressing and warm pumpkin pie are sure to attract a crowd. As opposed to serving dinner by courses, the Thanksgiving dinner typically is served all at once. Your palate can be quickly overwhelmed by flavors ranging from candied sweet potatoes, herb stuffing and tart cranberry sauce, making the wine pairing very challenging. I have read many Thanksgiving dinner wine pairing ideas, including Chardonnay (to match the rich, buttery turkey meat) and Pinot Noir (to match the earthiness of the herb mushroom stuffing). Some folks offer both white and red wine and let their guests choose. My singular choice would be a low tannin red wine, like French Burgundy/Oregon Pinot Noir or a Southern Rhone from France. These wines can stand up to the hearty flavors of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, while offering a soft elegance that allows the complex flavors to come through. The role of dessert is to top off a great meal. This column will provide suggested wine pairings for a variety of traditional Thanksgiving desserts.

Choosing the Very Best of Wine Review

A good bottle of wine is now accessible to just about anyone. Wine snobs are a thing of the past, as local wine companies are producing outstanding bottles, and people understand that preferences are subjective. Picking a good bottle of vino no longer has to be an art for the connoisseur, as now even screw-top, and wines in boxes from small wine companies are receiving high scores by wine review critics.

Pairing Tips – Which Wines Go Well With These Popular Foods

Pairing wine and food is always a challenge. That’s especially true today with the diverse diets that many people have, in terms of both ingredients and cooking styles. Which wine, for example, do you serve with sushi or an Indian curry?

Beer – The History of What Is in Your Stein

Learn something about the history of the beer you enjoy. From the early origins of beer that date back to 43,000 BC to how beer made its way to America.

5 Reasons To Grow Grapes At Any Location

Five great reasons for people to grow their own grapes at home. Why grapes are for more than just one purpose reasons to get friends and family involved.

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