The PERFECT Wine Glass? | Testing Jancis Ronbinson MW’s Design

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Watch the next video about the perfect glass for sparkling wine:

Jancis Robinson Master of Wine Released as few month ago in collaboration with Richard brendon a new wine glass that fits all tyles, red, white as well as sparkling wine.
I used these glasses for a while before reviewing them and giving you my opinion of Jancis Robinson’s MZ ultimate glassware.

Learn more & buy those glasses:


The Popularity of Sherry Sack

In the later, more stable days of the Commonwealth the wine trade flourished. But the beginning of the Commonwealth coincided with the beginning of years of terrible plague in Jerez which resulted in the disruption of the wine trade for over two decades.

Get the Most Out of a Tasting Tour

Tips on how you can get the maximum enjoyment out of a day of touring vineyards and enjoying the trip to the wine tasting room. Not a sermon just some tips on how to maximize your day of fun.

German Beer – Exciting Facts Of Beer Enthusiasts

German beer is a part of the culture like wine is in France. This article explains the variety of German beers that are available, how they are made and the part they play in German culture.

It’s a Matter of Taste

You want a glass of wine with dinner so your waiter sends the Sommelier to your table who starts talking about the bouquet, the body and the “nose” of the wine, the fruit and varietal characteristics and how long it was aged in the barrel. You feel intimidated; you panic and instead of wine, you ask for water. For more than 8,000 years, wine has had an integral role in human culture.

Bargetto Winery – A Family Tradition

The history of California wineries is often as flavorful as the wine itself. In an interview with John Bargetto, a third generation owner and operator of Santa Cruz’s Bargetto Winery, shares some of the winery’s colorful history.

Washing With Wine?

While history fails to record the specific wine type with which ladies of Elizabethan times bathed their faces to improve their complexions, we do know that Anna Held’s legendary wine bath could only have been had in Champagne. Perhaps they washed with a fine Chardonnay or Pinot Blanc?

Investing in Winemaking Supplies Can Make Your Hobby Profitable

There are all sorts of things you need to buy when you start to make your own wine. You can, however, keep the costs at a minimum.

Wine Tasting Made Very Simple

There’s a lot of mystique, history and just plain nonsense written about wines and wine tasting. Here’s a quick and easy guide on what to look for when you’ve got some wines in front of you waiting to be drunk.

The Amazing Versatility of Wine

In recent years many people have discovered that any wine can be mixed with any kind of sweet soda pop (especially the lemon-flavored ones) and served as a delicious light highball. Wine for the barbecue is easily chosen. Again it is Rose or any red dinner wine. If you prefer to serve white wine with those sizzling, charcoal-broiled chickens, bring out a tub of ice to keep the bottles well chilled in hot weather.

Control of the Wine Industry

In 1745, Haurie began to help his friend in the management of his vineyards and when Murphy died on 21 July 1762, Haurie was his heir. He inherited all his properties, including vineyards in the finest areas of Macharnudo and Carrascal; and the wine business so suited him that he entirely abandoned his other interests.

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