The Perfect Wine For Philly Cheesesteak

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Explore a rare wine grape (Chambourcin) with Madeline Puckette that happens to pair perfectly with cheesesteak. Links below!

Hybrid varieties:

Native Grapes:

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Make Wine At Home – The Ideal Way To Find A Taste You Like

Wine sampling is a great way to recognize new tastes. It allows you to identify the type of wine and the flavor which entices your taste buds. For thousands of wine lovers, making their own wine is the ultimate experience as it leads to the wine of their dreams.

Italian Wine – The Best It Has Ever Been?

Italy has one of the oldest wine heritages in the world, Italian wine is famed across the globe with only a few regions able to compete on both quality and quantity with the Italians. With over two millenia of wine making experience, Italy produces world class wines in a league of their own. This has become the case even more so in the last two decades, during which Italy has perfected modern production techniques along side having some terrific years of perfect weather and great harvests.

Weekly Beer Review – Schlafly Dry Hopped APA

I would like to make this the first of many weekly beer reviews, in which I review some of my favorite beers, and maybe some user suggested beers down the road. This week, I am going to tackle Schlafly’s Dry Hopped APA, which I will be reviewing from a glass. For those of you who don’t know, APA stands for American Pale Ale, as opposed to an IPA, or India Pale Ale. American Pale’s are typically dry hopped, or more hoppy than an IPA, and to me have a stronger flavor but may not be necessarily as easy to drink as an IPA.

How To Taste Wine in 5 Easy Steps

Wine tasting is all the rage right now and if you’re just getting started, its best to do a little homework before you go to your first wine tasting party. At least fake it ’til you make it, right? Here’s a few tips on how to taste wine.

Wine Racks Add Artistic Beauty to Your Home

On the kitchen counter or the dining room buffet, an elegant wine rack is a perfect choice for storing and displaying your favorite wines and wine glasses. There is just something pleasing to the senses when it rests on a wine rack filled with wine.

Through a Glass Darkly – Or Maybe There’s a Better Way

We explore the art of matching the best glass – and stemware in order to enhance the beverage you are serving. Assuming the reader wants do more than rely on what happens to be available to impress a casual or formal visitor to our home. We also discuss the range of glasses one might use and how to get the most beautiful and unusual items at the lowest prices.

Beer Ideas That Could Benefit Everyone

Of course, beer is perfect. I understand that. We all understand that. But, I have to admit that even I would appreciate some new beer innovations every once in awhile. If it’s going to make drinking beer more enjoyable, then I am going to appreciate it. Actually, anything to do with beer is something I’ll appreciate.

How to Purchase Wine Online – You Don’t Have to Be an Expert to Buy Excellent Wines

Who says you have to be a connoisseur of this beverage to purchase wine online? Even without much expertise, you can buy excellent vintage through the Internet for any occasion or meal that suits your budget with this net beverage shopping guide. How do you wish to enjoy your wine?

Resveratrol Select and Red Wine – What Is the Connection?

Resveratrol is known to people who are conscious about their health and nutrition and it is basically an antioxidant which is found in grapes. It is also present in red wine extracted from dark-colored grapes and therefore red wine and resveratrol has been associated with each other since ages.

Discount Wine Online – Can You Buy Quality Wine Cheap?

Who says drinking wine is an expensive hobby? Maybe that is true years ago however there are some factors that now make it possible for just about anybody to afford to indulge in the fine spirit. What factors are these?

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