The Origins of Sauvignon Blanc – Inside Sancerre Wine & the Loire Valley of France

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Episode 1 of a 3-part series where I’m taking you where no one has ever taken you before, discover the Loire Valley of France and hearing from local growers and winemakers about how they craft delicious wines from Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc or Cabernet Franc.

In this episode, I am taking you to the birthplace of Sauvignon Blanc wine grape variety in the village of Sancerre in the Upper Loire wine country of France.
Iinterview Catherine Corbeau-Mellot (Jospeh Mellot) and Jean-Marie Bourgeois (Henri Bourgeois) about the story behind their wines and the region, its history, its unique soils & terroirs, their vineyards.

Join the journey and find out whether this area of the Loire is worth its reputation as a wine tourism destination.

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What is Organic Wine and Why Should We Care?

In the wine industry we have a semantics problem when it comes to organic wine. The government requires that not only must grapes be grown with only organic pesticides and fertilizer; no added sulfites may be used. For this reason, there really are no organic wines because sulfur dioxide is basically mandatory if you are going to sell your wine. Wines made without using sulfur dioxide are very unstable and most bottles would end up undrinkable. Without the sulfites to protect against oxidation and bacteria, wine spoils in less that one year. Therefore most wineries promote their wines as “organically grown”.

Grape Pruning Tips

The method of pruning the grapevine is dependent on the kind of grapes that are grown there. The process of pruning helps to remove the buds from the previous year. Good healthy fruits will only grow on canes that are at least a year old.

Tips on How to Make Your Own Wine

Most people know the basis of how to make wine. Grapes are squeezed and left for fermentation, which is then turned into wine. But actually wine making is a craft that requires a lot of hard work.

Tips on Grape Planting

Tips on how to plant your grapes. Location, distance between planted grapevines are just some of the parameters you should consider before planting your very own grapevine.

Learn About the Wine Tasting Experience

You should keep in mind that there’s no penalty for not being able to pick out every aroma of a wine at a wine tasting. Think of it more as a game. What you’re trying to do is find as many flavors and aromas as you can.

Location – A Crucial Factor in Wine Making

When growing grapes for making wine, the location you choose is critical to your success. Factors like altitude, topography, soil type, accessibility to labor and the local market all affect the grape growing process and ultimately your grape growing success.

Oregon Grapes

Oregon grapes are also known as the holly leaved barberry, and also as Mahonia grapes. Oregon grapes come from the rocky slopes of British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon.

Grape Muscadine

Quite some centuries back muscadine grapes were found growing abundantly in the United States. Interesting anecdotes from sailors in the fifteenth century serve as ample proof for this.

How to Select the Right Wine Rack

It is important that you choose a method of storing your wine so that it is in the correct position. A wine rack can be used for storing the bottles that you will serve to family and friends and a more solid storage system should be used for storing the better bottles that are saved for later.

Gain an Appreciation For Chilean Wine

Since the introduction of the Spanish vine in the 16th century, Chile has gone on to become one of the world’s most famous wine producers. Although often overshadowed by its European competitors, Chilean wine has gradually grown in mainstream popularity and today is available on most supermarket shelves. As Spain colonised Chile, Spanish settlers, particularly missionaries, were keen to introduce the vine to Chile.

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