The North American Wine Quiz – WSET style wine questions to test and quiz your knowledge

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In this video I test your knowledge of North American wine with ten questions,

The format of the questions are similar to what you could expect in a WSET examination and therefore will be useful if you are studying or if not, JUST FOR FUN!!

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Wine and Dish Pairings

Drinking wine is something that is enjoyed by a lot of people. It relaxes the mind and body as well and it also fills up your tummy. But apparently, drinking it causes a bit of confusion for some, especially to those who are just starting out because of the wide array of choices.

Four Wines You Must Have in Your Collection

Purchasing wine can be intimidating and confusing. Regardless, if you are buying a bottle, a case or juice to make your own wine, be sure to include one of these four “must have” wines.

How to Pour a Beer

Pouring a beer the proper way is essential for any beer enthusiast. The perfect pour is easy if you follow the steps described in this article.

Land With the Best Red Wine

Following a delicious dinner or maybe a sophisticated brunch, wine is one of the most delightful tasting options that you could delight in as a complimentary relaxer. Talks which are oftentimes made with wine are either intimate or packed with a lot of style.

Searching For the Best Red Wine in Order to Make an Impression on Your Friends and Relatives

A fine dining encounter is not really finished with out a bottle of one’s best red wine. Therefore in case you are planning to coordinate a dinner party or even a get together, it is good in order to as a minimum have a very operating understanding of the types of red wine well before getting the best red wine. It’s likely, your choice of bottle could possibly be crucial to creating a good impression on a person amongst your invited guests.

Open Bottle, Open Mind

You’re just learning about wine and you are wondering “Is older wine really better?” because that is the perception that gets the most publicity. You’ll find it written that the answer to your question is that it depends upon the intention of the winemaker. The writer will go on to tell you that wine can be made in such a way as to improve with age or it can be made with the expectation that it will have been drunk within a couple of years time or suffer a rapid decline.

Florida – Home to the Original American Wine

Many of our customers at our wine refrigerator store hail from the great state of Florida. I was curious what Florida’s wine industry was all about. Interestingly, Florida ranks third in wine consumption with New York and California holding the top two spots.

Know Few Things About Portuguese Wines

Portugal, one of the most famous European countries is well known for the varieties of wine it makes. Portuguese wines have got a very good demand in the world market and this country has got plenty of vineyards in order to meet all these demands. There a many stories that are being told about the origin of vineyards in Portugal which takes you to some many centuries back. Till from those days this country is well noted for the range and varieties of this drink it produces.

Florence Nightingale Honoured by the Derby Beer Festival

2010 marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Florence Nightingale. Her name and legend lives on there is a concerted effort by the people of her home town to rename the local hospital in her name. Also, Florence Nightingale is honoured by being the celebrated theme for the 33rd Derby Beer Festival.

Drink Wine Every Day – 5 Benefits to Consuming Red Wine Daily

Many people are constantly wondering if it’s safe to drink wine every day. There are controversial infos coming from doctors and those in the know, however the general consensus is that yes, drinking a glass of wine very day is quite safe and even helpful to your health.

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