The Magic Bottle – 19 Crimes Red Wine from Australia

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The Magic Bottle – 19 Crimes
In this video I take a look at 19 Crimes and their brilliant marketing campaign for their wines.

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Not So Essential Wine Accessories

As a follow up to my last article, “Essential Wine Accessories” I thought it would be interesting to touch on a few accessories that may not be quite so essential but are fun or handy to have regardless.

Italian Wine Regions

Italy has 20 wine regions. Each region produces a unique style of wine. Many of these varieties are so climate-specific that they cannot be transplanted to another region. That is why wines produced from each of these regions have their own distinctive aromas.

Italian Wine

Italian wines are usually ranked among the best wines in the world. The demand for Italian wines is so high that this small country produces around 8 billion bottles of wine each year. But the growing number has not resulted in deterioration in quality, as most Italian wine producers are known for their strict quality control.

The Basic Wine Essentials

Learn about the basic essentials of wine. A great resource for those looking to explore the great big world of wine. Article focuses on history, creation, varietal characteristics, color and the differences between red and white wine.

Making White Wine: A Labor of Love

Wine is made in winery and wineries exist all over the world and come in a variety of sizes. The grapes are grown at the wineries and then turned into wine and there are many varieties of grapes; each one either used either alone or combined to make different wines. But how exactly is white wine made?

Buying a Good Wine

A guide to buying a good wine and spotting symptoms of a ‘faulty’ wine.

Different Types Of Wine Decanter

Adding a wine decanter to your wine bar area will add depth and class to wine drinking. Wine decanters not only make red wines taste better, but they offer a very attractive vessel from which to serve wine to your visitors.

You Can Make Your Own Beer At Home

The actual reason why a lot of people are making their own beer is because they think it is fun and exciting. This is a way for them to do the hobby that they like and that keeps them busy. Some people create their own brew because they have never tried it before and now they want the opportunity. there are so many resources and recipes for all your favorite styles of beer.

Guavaberry Liqueur

A sweet, fruity beverage, guavaberry liqueur is unique to the Caribbean, due to the unpredictable supply and limited growth of the guavaberry. Though the drink is most common on St. Maarten, where it’s considered the national beverage, it can also be found on other islands in the region. The liqueur’s history and traditions make it a part of the cultural experience in the Caribbean.

Hosting A Wine Tasting Party With True Celebration And Success

You’ve heard of them, but you’ve never thought about having a wine tasting party of your own. Then again, maybe you have thought about it, but changed your mind because you were afraid that everyone would come just to taste all the wines and go home a little on the inebriated side. You can remove those thoughts from your mind because the purpose of a wine tasting party is to do just that: taste it!

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