The Life of a Vine

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This video goes through the life span of a vine and talks about the parallels between humans and vines.

Eating Crow Tastes Like Chicken

Wrong. Webster’s dictionary defines wrong as “the state of being mistaken or incorrect.” I can admit when I am wrong. I was wrong when I bet my younger sister that she could jump down an entire flight of stairs without breaking her ankle. I was wrong when I told my dad that there was no way the Denver Broncos were going to lose Super Bowl XXIV to the San Francisco 49ers. And, I was wrong when I wrote that wine was in a different league than beer.

Wine Making Equipment – Knowing What To Buy

Winemaking equipment is not complicated equipment. You may have some of what is required to make wine already in your cupboards. With the beer and wine making supply stores that have opened in recent years, getting the right wine making equipment.

All About Blended Scotch

If you don’t live in Scotland, chances are you drink blended scotch. Learn about the blending process and how do the Scottish deliver that greatness of flavour, bottled into a 1 litre bottle.

Why You Should Have A Wine Cellar

If you don’t own a wine cellar and you collect wine its time to reconsider. Wine collectors everywhere are learning that to preserve you must have control over the climate and the temperature of the wine. The only real way to do this is to have your very own wine cellar.

How To Make A Cheap And Easy Gourmet Wine Gift Basket

Buying a gourmet wine gift basket can be expensive. You can easily make a beautiful, custom, personalized, gourmet wine gift basket cheaply. You can use champagne too.

What To Do When Given Wine To Test In A Restaurant

Restaurants (especially good ones) are in the habit of pouring a small glass of wine to the ‘head’ of the table to test it. Why do they do this and what is the proper way to respond?

How To Get More Out Of A Glass Of Wine

Quick and easy three step guide to appreciating the sight, smell and taste of any glass of wine.

Absinthe In Art, The Torrid Influence Of Absinthe

Absinthe has a very sordid history due to the prohibitionists of France during the 1800’s. It also has a huge presence in art over the years. Many of the artists, poets and writers living or visiting Paris and living in London in the late 1800’s were absinthe drinkers. With a over 21,000,000 liters annual consumption, absinthe was a very popular drink among the aristocrats down to the poorest working man.

History Of Seedless Grapes And Raisins Used In Wine Making

In centuries past, ancient man noticed that grapes hanging on vines lasted for months, and even though seedy, the fruit was sweet to the taste. These grapes dried out in the sun and were called raisins. The raisins could be stored for months to be eaten at a later time, centuries before advanced civilizations learned how to preserve foods artificially by canning and freezing. Other fruit items such as palm tree dates, figs…

Picpoul- The Little Known Wine With A Great Future

Find out why the white wine,Picpoul de Pinet, is such a great wine.

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