The Italian Wine Quiz – WSET style wine questions to test and quiz your knowledge

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In this video I test your knowledge of Italian wine with ten questions,

The format of the questions are similar to what you could expect in a WSET examination and therefore will be useful if you are studying or if not, JUST FOR FUN!!

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The Mysterious Wine Tasters

If you have ever had the pleasure of watching a wine taster you may have found it quite interesting. They are a curious bunch full of rituals.

Red & White Wine Varieties and the Regions Where They Grow

Let us describe some of the popular wine varieties and the regions where they come from in this article. First, let’s describe popular white wines.

Pyramid Breweries – Seattle’s Most Popular Beermakers

Ever wondered what went into your can of Pyramid beer? It’s no Egyptian secret, but there’s definitely more.

A Brief History of Beer

America is the top global beer producer and has the largest market of beer consumers. Over 133 billion liters of beer are sold per year and almost half of the population consuming that beer are Americans alone. It is safe to say that today the 90 million and more Americans who enjoy drinking their beer enjoy it double than anywhere else on the planet, however, that was not always the case.

Preservative Free Wine

Preservative free wines are becoming more available in shops and supermarkets and especially over the Internet. The reason for this is mainly due to the fact that some individuals have a tolerance to the sulphites found in wine.

Metal Wine Racks – How to Choose a Fantastic Wine Rack

Metal wine racks offer a wide range of convenience whether you’re buying one for your home or business. Find out some of your options here before you buy.

Buying Wine 101 – The Art of Buying Fine Wine

Buying wine should not be an intimidating process, yet for many this is exactly what it is. There are so many types of wines, so many brands and qualities that it is simply impossible to know them all.

Types of Red Wine – The Most Common Red Wines Exposed

Red wine is even more loved than white wine, and many people once decided to follow the path of knowing more about this beautiful burgundy colored liquid, are wondering how many types are out there and what is best type to learn more about. There are currently many types of red wines, some more popular than others. Here are just a few that are worth mentioning and tasting.

What Makes Sparkling Wine Sparkling?

I am not looking to present a detailed dissertation on sparkling wines here, but I do want to convey enough information for someone to be able to discuss sparkling wines intelligently. Sparkling is table wine with carbon dioxide in it. The different between quality sparkling wine, cheap sparkling, and soda is how the carbon dioxide got into the drink in the first place.

Pocket Info About Italian Wines

Labeling of Italian Wines is an absolute reflection of the French method. There is two major labels: DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata), and DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata et Garantita) from which the last one represents the higher quality. A newer qualification would be the IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) which labels wines typical to certain regions. Also worth to mention that Vina De Tavola would represent the lowest quality, or Table Wine. By territory, we could divide Italy into three major wine-regions, North Italy, from the Adriatic Sea to Mont Blanc, Middle Italy, the Renaissance heart of the country, and South Italy, the oldest wine region.

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