The Influence of Grapes in Sparkling Wine – Crémants de Bourgogne by Louis Bouillot

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Crémants de Bourgogne are French sparkling wines made in Burgundy using the Methode Traditionnelle, delivering fine quality bubbles, soft texture and complexity for a great alternative to Champagne.

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Julien looks into the influence of the various grapes used for making fine sparkling wines, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Gamay or Aligoté tasting ‘Les Classiques’ range of fine Crémants by Louis Bouillot:
– Louis Bouillot ‘Perle d’Ivoire’ Blanc de Blancs Crémant de Bourgogne Brut
– Louis Bouillot ‘Perle de Nuit’ Blanc de Noirs Crémant de Bourgogne Brut
– Louis Bouillot ‘Perle de Vigne’ Grande Réserve Crémant de Bourgogne Brut
– Louis Bouillot ‘Perle d’Aurore’ Crémant de Bourgogne Rosé Brut

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A Beginner Guide to Wine Tasting

There are three aspects to tasting a good glass of wine and savoring its every subtle flavor: Color Tilt the glass against a white background – maybe a napkin held against the glass. Take note of the clarity of the wine. If it’s hazy, you’re usually not onto a good thing.

How to Store and Serve Sparkling Wine

With the launch of the SULA BRUT, a sparkling wine made in true methode champenoise style, it makes sense to store and serve this type of wine as its makers meant it to be. Here, a guide to get the best out of your wine.

Say No – Alcohol, Safe Limits

Social drinking in moderation is part of most people’s lives. Is there a way to thwart the pushers, the unintelligent host or hostess, the tip hungry waiter, or the “get you into bed” new friend?

Super Easy Guide to Homemade Wine

There are countless thousands of people all over the world embark with tremendous enthusiasm each summer upon turning wild fruits and surplus garden fruits into fruit wine fit to grace the tables of a banqueting hall. Here’s a few of my favorite homemade wine recipes.

Grenache – A Wine of the World

This versatile grape was also grown in Californian vineyards during the prohibition era in the United States. It allowed consumers to make small amounts of the wine in their kitchens at home. It was sometimes crossed with another grape called Petit Bouschet for the purposes of making “bootleg wine.”

A Wine From Wine Grower’s Paradise

The grapes are a dark pink color. This produces a wine that is light yellow to gold in color. The riper that the Gewurztraminer grape is when it is pick the browner and golder the wine will be in tone. This sweet wine goes well with cheeses and fresh fruit and is the perfect compliment for chicken and fish dishes.

Cocktail Coasters

Leather coasters can also be quite elegant looking especially if you want to stamp or print them with some type of seal. The seal is usually in gold or silver printing. You can also usually get these in all kinds of different colors as well with black and green being the most popular.

Benefits of Red Wine

A nice glass of wine after a stressful day at work is the perfect answer to a relaxing evening for some people. We’ve all heard the media reports that red wine is beneficial to our cardiovascular health.

The How to Guide For Wine

Learning about wine can be intimidating for most people. Don’t be afraid. Wine selection and wine quality is actually quite simple and enjoyable to learn. In this article I will touch on wine basics and basic wine standards.

Beginner Guide to Wine Glassware

Generally, every wine glass should be clear and unadorned — to help you view the color and the clarity of the wine. Colored glasses and crystal glasses are, therefore, not in the running.

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