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Bruce and Pam Boring founded The California Wine Club in 1990. Since then The California Wine Club has helped thousands of small family wineries share their limited production wines with wine consumers all over the country. Get to know The California Wine Club and learn why this wine club is good for you and good for artisan wineries.

For more information on our wine club please visit or call us at 1-800-777-4443

Big Drinks That Bust the Diet

Most people know that it’s hard not to break the diet while drinking, but many people don’t understand just how detrimental it can really be to a weight loss plan. Read on to learn more about diet busting mixed drinks.

The Difference of Red and White Crystal Wine Glasses

Before you decide to test and buy a crystal champagne glass or a wine glass, don’t forget these tips. Dark wine glasses carries a wider rim. This means, the darker the wine, the wider the bowl of the glass. White wine glasses has lesser rims. These glassware usually are the thin kinds using a more slender bowl.

About Selecting Grapes for Grape Wine Making

Grape wine making is an art that takes the experienced and consummate taste of an expert to perfect. There are many circumstances that have to do with determining the type and flavor of grape wine that is fermented. The most important of these is the kind of grapes that are used.

Wine Trends – Past, Present, and Future

Wine and the culture that accompanies it is an important part of our society that has only grown in popularity within the past decades. It is a subject that cultured people are expected to be able to converse about intelligently. So if you don’t know much about wine, consider this your cheat sheet. And even if you think you know everything that there is to know about wine, you might find out something interesting to share with your wine savvy friends. In the past decades, wine making and the culture that surrounds wine has undergone some very important changes. One of the most notable of those changes was the rise in popularity of the wine making consultant. Emile Peynaud was among the first of the wine consultants to suggest ideas that are now considered commonplace among wine makers, such as smaller crop harvests, later crop harvests, and new viticulture techniques.

My First Experience With A Wine Tasting Party

Wine. The drink of sophisticated people. However, I really don’t fit in this category. Now I am no hillbilly although I am from Kentucky. I have three college degrees, was a schoolteacher and administrator, and am a legitimate middle class family man.

Top 3 Health Benefits of Organic Beer

Unlike regular beer products, organic beer offers drinkers important health benefits. These benefits can be actualized by people who moderately drink beer.

Wine Making Kits – How to Assemble at Home

Learning how wine is made isn’t any great mystery. You can get instructions for doing this on the web, or else, you might want to purchase wine making kits that come complete with the wine mixture and recipes. The tools needed for wine making kits can be assembled at home You may, if you are up to it, build your own wine making kits from items that may be available in your kitchen and/or basement.

The Best Hangover Cures

After a night out drinking in bars and nightclubs, the worst person to wake up with in your bed is a hangover. Hangovers are not very good looking, they don’t wake you up in a nice way, and they hang around all day even though you wanted to kick them out of your house as soon as you opened your eyes. If you have a day full of plans, then you’ll have no time to waste dealing with that feeling of headache and nausea. Luckily, there are some tricks that can help you feel (semi) all right in no time at all.

Three Essential Tips for Hosting a Wine Tasting Party – How to Get the Most Out of Every Glass

Hosting a wine tasting party is a fun and sophisticated way to spend time with friends and enjoy some spectacular wines. Every aspect, from the designing of the invitations to the moment you send your guests home, is more satisfying when you know how to best serve wine.

Why Grapes Matter

Grapes are basically the starting point of any wine, therefore they are responsible for the personality and the style of each wine. When you have a glass of wine and it is a yellowish color or light color leaning towards white then the wine was made with white grapes. If the wine is red or pink then the grapes that were used to make that wine were red grapes.

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