The Hunted – The California Wine Club’s search for small family wineries.

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Watch this 2.55 minute video and learn a bit more about the small artisan wineries discovered by The California Wine Club. Get some insight as to how we select the wines featured in our wine club.

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Is it Okay to Store Wine in a Kitchen Refrigerator? Use a Wine Cooler Instead

The basics of proper wine storage include: an ambient, constant temperature of around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, proper humidity levels, no direct natural or artificial light and no to minimal vibrations. A wine cooler is designed to provide all of these storage requirements. How does a regular kitchen refrigerator stack up against the basic storage best practices?

The Rise of the Wine Club

If you really like wine buying a bottle from the supermarket or off licence sometimes leaves you rather disappointed. Over the past 5 years the growth of wine clubs around the world has been staggering. There are now hundreds of wine clubs in different areas from organic to wine clubs that specialize in a certain country. Finding the right ones can be tough. This article look at the benefits and reasons why wine clubs have had such a staggering growth.

Essential and Not So Essential Beer Brewing Equipment

Whether you are just starting out with brewing your first batch of beer or if you have been homebrewing for quite some time, having the right equipment is going to make all the difference in the final batch. Since there are so many different pieces of equipment that are available, it can be difficult to choose the ones that you are going to use in your own hobby.

Wine and Food Pairing – Is it Real?

Wine and food pairing has gone out of style in recent years. Many people think that the two sides can be kept separate. However, if you want to please your guests, it’s true that how you match your wines and foods can have a strong unconscious effect on your guests and on how your meal is received. I’ll offer a few tips for wine and food pairing, which should be particularly useful for anyone who is buying wine online.

Wine Tasting Or Wine Drinking?

Tasting wines and drinking wines are two completely different endeavors as far as objectives are concerned. Wine tasting is deliberative in nature and involves very thoughtful evaluation of a wine’s properties such as its texture, aging, flavor, aroma and coloring among other things. Wine drinking on the other hand is basically about consuming and appreciating the overall taste of a wine with little or no other consideration to its other subtle properties. But there are more interesting differences that any wine lover would be familiar with.

Christmas Wine

At Christmas time buying and giving wine to your family and friends as a gift is a very popular present. Buying a cheap wine from your local supermarket and giving it to a friend last minute will only let them know you’ve only thought of them at the last minute and have just tried to give wine as a present because you forgot to buy them anything else.

Beer Making Kits – Advice For Starters

There are a lot of beer making kits out in the market. You have to know which one is for you by knowing what you want to make, what you can possibly evolve from your creations, and how long you would want your equipment to survive or endure your experiments.

What Flavor Does Coffee Bring to Beer?

Coffee and beer are two drinks that have delicious flavors to offer, so find out what to look for when the two combine. Coffee flavored beer is a delicious brew choice with deep and rich undertones!

Add Wooden Wine Goblets to Your Table

Wooden wine goblets are something a little bit different to use to serve wine at your next dinner party. Rather than going for the altogether more common glasses or beakers, a wooden wine goblet will be a feature and talking point of your dinner party and shows of your sense of style as a host.

Degassing Your Homemade Wine

Degassing your homemade wine is a critical step in your wine making process. Wine that hasn’t been properly degassed can be fizzy and foamy and even pop the corks or explode in your wine cellar.

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