The Hunt: An Insider’s View into How The California Wine Club Came To Be

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In this video, watch the founders of The California Wine Club take you inside the wine club and California’s wine country. They explain how the wine club came to be and why The California Wine Club is good for consumers, and good for artisan wineries. Watch now this 2.5 minute video now.

To learn more about The California Wine Club visit or call 1-800-777-4443

Choosing Wine at a Restaurant – 4 Tips To Stay Calm Under the Pressure

Many people are afraid of having to choose a bottle of wine to go with dinner at a restaurant. They do not feel qualified to make such a choice on behalf of their dining guests and fear the possible embarrassment that would go along with a poor choice. This article covers four tips to help you relax and calmly make the right choice, even if you know little about wine.

Is Low Carb Beer Healthy?

How can I drink beer and lose weight. First of all you need to stop drinking the beer!

All You Need to Know About Rum

Rum is a popular alcoholic drink with a rich history. It is the preference of pirates and privateers and presidents. It used to have an important economic effect on our country. Learning the story of rum uncovers rich details about our country’s past, both good and bad.

Adverse Effects of Light & Heat on Beer

Recently I was asked by one of our customers if light can make beer ‘go off’. In reality there are 3 things that can make beer ‘go off’ – light, heat and time.

Wine: 9 Facts On How Its Scored

Well known magazines and wine critics evaluate wine. Listed below are methods used to score wine.

Use Your Own Recipes To Make Your Own Wine

You might have been making your own wine for a while now so you might be confident enough to try out your own recipe for wine making. Making your own recipe has various advantages such as not having to search for existing recipes every time you want to make wine. You might not always have the same grapes available, and each grape type calls for a different recipe. This is when making your own will come in handy.

A Guide To Greek White Wines

Greek wine is more than 6,500 years old, which makes Greece one of the wisest wine producers in the world. Below is a quick guide to some of the white wines produced by Greece.

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, the Best in the World?

The New Zealand wine making industry didn’t really take off until the early 1970s, when the first Sauvignon Blanc was planted in the Wairau Valley. This was a major move, as the area was much better suited to white wine production than North Island, which didn’t have soils that were fertile enough and the climate had too much humidity.

Colorado Wines – Grapes Infused By Mountain Air

Some of the best places to find good wine are the out-of-the-way places. Nothing says out of the way more than Colorado. You’re probably asking, “Colorado and wine in the same sentence? Come on!” Yes, I understand. Colorado isn’t exactly known for wine, but it’s got a few great wine trails that wine aficionados should consider checking out.

Wine Names

The nomenclature of wines is an interesting though somewhat controversial subject. Some anglicised words have become generic, but the use of geographical names of one country by another remains a matter of debate. Examples of anglicised words are Claret, Hock, Burgundy and Sherry. A recent British Court judgement on Sherry states that there is no Sherry other than that produced in Jerez.

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