The Homeless Grapes Project

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The first Homeless Grapes Project started in 2015 with one little Facebook post. Jock Harvey, from Chalk Hill Wines, posted that he had a surplus block of grapes and anyone was welcome to them if they made a donation to charity. Our CEO André saw an opportunity: why don’t we make a cheeky little shiraz instead and send 100% of the profits to charity? He contacted Jock and the rest, as they say in the biz, took a shitload of hard work and was totally worth it.

People jumped on board the HGP train immediately, keen to be involved and help in any way possible. The result? An incredible $36,000 donation to the Hutt St Centre in Adelaide. Since then we’ve raised a total of $80k for Hutt St, with another good chunk pencilled in from impending 2017 Homeless Grapes Project sales.

But in 2018, for the first time, we picked three separate wines from three different wine regions and branched out into local causes – from Adelaide’s Hutt St Centre, to Melbourne’s St Mary’s House of Welcome and Coonawarra’s

This is the Homeless Grapes story.

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The Mourvedre Grapes Roll in Blending

Mourvedre is an assortment of red wine grape developed around the world. The name Mourvedre is of French descent. It may have come from the town of Murviedro near Valencia.

The Popular Wines of Chianti

Italy’s most famous red wine is Chianti, a name taken from the traditional region of Tuscany, where it is also produced. It is easily identified by its squat bottle enclosed in a straw basket called a fiasco.

Merlot’s Rollercoaster Ride of Popularity

Merlot is a red wine grape that is used as a blending grape and for varietal wines. Merlot-based wines typically have average body with trace of berry, plum, and currant.

Grenache Grapes – The Subtle Wine Giant

Grenache is most likely the most vastly planted variety of red wine grape in the world. It grows in dry, hot conditions like Spain, and the south of France, since it ripens late. Usually, it has a spicy, berry flavor and is soft on the palate with a relatively high alcohol content. Sometimes it lacks acid, tannin, and color, and is usually blended with other varieties.

The Growth and Success of Pinot Noir

Pinot noir is a red wine grape selection of the sort Vitis vinifera. The name can also refer to wines produced mainly from Pinot noir grapes. The name is a derivative from the French words for pine and black hinting to the varietals’ closely clustered dark purple pine cone shaped clusters of fruit.

The Importance of Nebbiolo in Italy

The Nebbiolo is one of the most important wine grape varieties of Italy’s Piedmont region. The history of Nebbiolo is understood to have start in the 13th century, and certainly it was refined since the 14th Century in Valtellina, an east-west valley in the Lombardy region at the foot of the Alps, north of Lake Como. The Nebbiolo grape is used to create wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Gattinara and Ghemme.

Malbec’s Popularity in South America

Malbec is a variety of grapes used for making red wine. Malbec grapes tend to be a dark inky color and have vigorous tannins. Named after the Hungarian peasant who first introduced it to France, Malbec is one of the six grapes permitted in the blending of red Bordeaux wine.

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6 Themes to Plan a Wine Tasting Party Around

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Pairing Wine With Food

While pairing wine and food can be considered by many to be somewhat of an art, even if you know very little about wine pairing, there are a few tips and tricks that will help you complement almost any meal with the ideal glass of wine. One of the easiest tips to remember when trying to pair wine and food is the color and richness of both the wine and the food. Just try to remember that light wines go best with light foods and heavy wines go well with heavy or rich foods.

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