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Choosing Storage Furniture For Your Wines

If you have amassed wine bottles and want to maintain proper storage for your wines, then investing in wine storage furniture is necessary. Properly storing your wines enables minimized exposure to light, keeping your wines in the best of quality.

Hanging Wine Rack

Hanging wine racks are perfect additions to your home especially when you have a smaller area and you just want to sort out your few wine selections. These kinds of wine racks are often favored mostly by those who just love wine in general. You can enjoy having a few friends over and have a few sips with your wines all within easy reach. In fact these wine racks are conveniently decorative and provide more room space.

Not in the Game – Bargans Albarino ’06 From Spain

A few nights ago KD and I decided to BBQ some chicken quarters. It is probably our favorite part of the chicken to BBQ. Especially the way we do it. So here’s is the secret…put your BBQ on the lowest possible setting, place the chicken on the top rack, turn every ten minutes.

Review – Sterling Vineyards-Winery Lake Vineyard, Carneros – Napa Valley Merlot ’94

The other night we pulled a bottle of Sterling from our selection of wines. I like sterling wines, I like the distinct flavors they have and this one proved to be another bottle that was just that.

A Guide to Madeira Wine

Are you interested in the different dessert wines available? One of the more popular dessert wines, and also a terrific cooking wine, is Madeira wine from the Madeira Islands of Portugal.

Review – Primavera Beiras Baga Red Wine 2003 (Portugal)

The other night KD made Lamb chops and to pair with it we tried Primavera Beiras Baga Red wine “03 (Portugal). After looking around for a while there is not much info out there on this winery, their site was under construction though so we will have to wing this one. We decanted this wine and let it breath for a while.

The Taste of Home Made Beer

What’s one of the most popular drinks in the world? You’ve guessed it, Beer. Why is that so?

The Right Wine Cooler

Wine is becoming an ever-increasing favorite of many people. With over 1000 different wine varieties, the choices one has seem nearly infinite. As wine’s popularity with us increases, the requirements for good wine storage need consideration. Wine is a perishable food that when improperly stored will lose value and flavor and eventually could end up undrinkable.

Can You Brew Your Own Beer in a One Room Apartment?

A wife’s review on brewing beer at home. Get the equipment, expertise, and recipes needed to start taste testing your own beers!

Review Sebeka Shiraz Pinotage “Cape Blend” Western Cape South Africa 06

I love unique and exotic red wines. This bottle with its label immediately drew me in as we were selecting a wine of the night. Africa, Shiraz and a Pinot Blend seemed so fascinating. I could not wait to see what this wine had in store for us.

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