The GRADE Cellars A Journey through Wine Country

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“In 1883, Robert Louis Stevenson wrote about entering ‘on the grade’ at the south corner of what is now our estate vineyard,” says Founder Thomas Thornton. “There, in a horsedrawn wagon, he began his ascent up Mount Saint Helena, along the Old Toll Road.” Thomas and his wife, Brenda Mixson, named their winery to both commemorate the poet’s stories about Napa Valley and as a nod to their own goal of “making the grade” with their wines. To ensure quality, they enlisted Winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown in their pursuit of “wine poetry.”

To Decant or Not: Still a Tough Decision

Decanting wine may improve your wine experience. It is helpful for Bordeaux, and many Australian wines. However, decanting may also ruin a wine, it can be harmful when you’re not able to properly choose a particular type and the way of decanting that will serve as your best undertaking.

Barros Port

Barros Port is one of the most prestigious brands in the port win industry. Barros is unique in the fact that they produce many single vintage Colheita ports and have cellar stock going back over 100 years. They also produce Vintage Port, Late Bottled Vintage Port, Special Reserve Port and Ruby Port.

Brunello Di Montalcino

Brunello di Montalcino has often been described as the King of Tuscan red wines. Lovingly created each year in Italy and from specific areas within Tuscany this wine is made from the Sangiovese grape and showcases the elegance and depth this grape can achieve.

Around the World With 80 Glasses

Ever wondered how it would feel to travel the world in order to taste the best wine of them all? From varieties like Occhio di Pernice to Brunello di Montaicino, from Pinot Gris to Pinot Nair, the excellence is simply your choice.

Curries and Wine: A Blessing or a Disaster?

Pairing of Indian food with wine. What wines are most optimal with spicy, ethnic foods is the question. Indian food is spicy, complex and flavored. Pairing of the right wine is key to a fun, enjoyable experience!

Hamilton Russell Chardonnay

Hamilton Russell is a world famous winery based in Hermanus, South Africa. The estate is owned and managed by Anthony Hamilton Russell and his wife Olive. The wines made are from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and are regarded as the finest examples of these two grapes outside of Burgundy

Understanding Wines Through Tasting

Our sense of taste helps us understand the hidden messages in the wine bottle. Wine itself is composed of different substances in solution that constitute its flavour and odor.

FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION: The Making of a Wine Glass

While Louis Sullivan had buildings in mind when he coined the phrase “form ever follows function,” it seems equally applicable to the art of making wine glasses. The idea that the shape of an object should be created around its intended function seems very like what Mr. Riedel had in mind when he sculpted his famous collection.

Qualities of a Good Wine Representative

The industry of wines is a market where retailers directly order from suppliers and distributors. Wholesalers act as distinctive entities that compete for the industry’s market shares. There are various wine businesses where distribution and wholesale are considered almost the same.

Tips for Wine First Timers

The best part in discovering wines is by being a first timer. It is an exciting chance to finally be able to join the rest of the world’s wine lovers. You may feel excited and intimidated to encounter experiences related to tasting events and wine parties.

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