The German Wine Quiz – How well do you know your German wine? WSET style questions.

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In this video I test your knowledge of German Wine with ten questions.

The format of the questions are similar to what you could expect in a WSET examination and therefore will be useful if you are studying or if not, JUST FOR FUN!

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Stay Updated When Investing In Wine

When it comes to investing in wine the internet is your best friend. It is very important that you stay informed of the constant changes, new products, and reviews of wines. Knowing what to buy, where to buy it, when and to who to sell it to once it matures is extremely important, and getting this information is vital. There are many ways that you can come by this type of information, there are many blogs which are available on the internet written by other wine investors, also there are many news feeds which you can sign up for and receive up to date news. There are great new products to help you store your wine, accessories to enjoy wine, as well as reviews of the great and new wines available on the market or that have recently matured. Finding this information is relatively easy, but you have to make sure that you get the accurate information and know what blogs or RSS feeds to sign up to.

At Home Wine Making Fundamentals Revealed

When people think and talk about the topic at home wine making, a image of fermented grape juice might come to mind. Still there is an lucrative option open since wine can be made from other quality fruits such as flowers and vegetables.

Guide On How To Serve Wine

The art of serving wine is extremely classy in itself. You must have noticed the whole attitude and process followed by the restaurant’s staff while serving a glass of wine to the customers. It is not just opening a bottle and pouring wine into the glasses.

How Is Red Wine Made?

Red Wine is a very popular drink throughout the world. With many different producers of this drink and many varieties available in supermarkets and wine stores, many of us give little thought to the process that is involved in making wine. Most of us know that black grapes are used for making red wine… but how do winemakers make the red wine that is so easy for us to buy today?

Some Facts About Asian Alcohol Allergy

Asian Alcohol Allergy is basically a condition that is also known as Asian flush. To be more specific, a person suffering from Asian Alcoholic Allergy will have various uncomfortable symptoms after drinking any alcoholic drinks. So, if you think that you or may be somebody in your friend circle is having this allergy, you must know some important facts about this conditions.

Krups Beertender B100 – The Coolest One

Those who love beer ought to try out the Krups Beertender B100 which probably is the coolest gadget that a beer-lover can appreciate. If you are not aware of what Beertender B100 is, it is nothing but a kegerator that is small and portable. In fact it is so small that you can accommodate it on the counter of your kitchen quite easily.

The Enjoyment Of Wine – Set Aside Your Fears

Doing a search on the net will reveal just how much information is available, as well as how popular wine really is. Unfortunately though many folks are afraid to approach the subject, or even selection due to what one might term as being intimidated.

What Do You Know About Wine? Not a Lot?

Are you one of those many people who buy wine based on the price, perhaps where it is from, or even simply because your mates drink it and it has a recognisable name? If that is the case then no, no, no, no, NO! You probably do this, not because you want to, but you have no idea where to start?

Spanish Wines

Spain has a great deal of indigenous grape varieties, with more than 600 types grown all over Spain. As more wine consumers become aware of Spanish wines and breakthroughs are produced in viniculture, the scientific research, production and research of grapes especially for producing wines), the recognition of Spanish wines will certainly increase. Americans, who definitely have demonstrated their appreciation for wines with significant fruity taste, as typified by California zins, will explore the vibrant taste in Spanish reds. But Spanish wines are tinged with tannins and sophistication, providing them with a classic style that numerous People in America will be ready to explore.

Hosting a Wine (Tasting) Party

There are many different ways to approach a wine tasting party. Expensive wine, cheap wine, red, white, rose’, dessert wines, regional wines, local wines, homemade, anything goes. It’s all about the fun, the friends and enjoying the wine. I like to incorporate other games in my parties as well as the wine tasting or variations of different wine tastings.

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