The FUTURE of WINE – Innovation in wine bottle design.

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In this video I take a look at the innovation of Garcon Wines,

Developed originally to facilitate the seamless delivery of wine into UK homes via the letterbox, the innovation was conceived by wine retailing entrepreneur Santiago Navarro and his co-founder Joe Revell.

They set out to improve consumer convenience, cut the costs of failed deliveries which in the UK alone are estimated to be £1.6 billion, and help to reduce the near 1 million kilograms of carbon emissions associated with missed deliveries in the UK.

This flattening of a wine bottle not only created a product that respects the heritage and tradition of the wine industry, but also combines the emotional benefits of an elegant glass bottle, with the functional benefits of bag-in-box, and sets a new sustainable benchmark.

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Popular Promotional Barware

Promotional barware is one of the most wonderful ways to market a business and give its brand visibility. A wide range of promotional barware can be used for this purpose including martini glasses, shot glasses, beer mugs, wine glasses, etc. If your business gets a considerable number of clients from the restaurant and entertainment industries, it would be prudent to use promotional barware to give it advertising.

History Of French Wine, Part One

The History of French wine begins in antiquity. Noah, for example, was a lover of wine and he got drunk on it as soon as the deluge ended. Follow the development of wine through the Middle Ages and beyond and explore the history of the wines in Burgundy in this the first of several articles.

The Differences Between Red and White Wine

Now I’m sure that many of you are sitting in front of your computer screens incredulously, thinking that the main difference between red and white wine is the color and the taste. In this assumption, you would be very much correct. However, as with the best wines on sale today, there are various subtle hints that also distinguish these two bastions of wine – all of which make for fascinating reading!

Homemade Wine Recipes – Understanding the Different Types of Wine

If you’re one of those who have considered toying with homemade wine recipes, you’d like to begin by understanding the following different types of this: White Wine It is not exactly white, but it is called white because it is clear or transparent. It is actually one of the most beloved types of this beverage which, like any other, is made of fermented grape juice as its main ingredient. White is not only loved for its taste, but also for its many health benefits, including reducing risks of heart disease and cancer.

How To Select a Wine Club

Wine clubs come in two major flavors–clubs through wineries and clubs through restaurants. Through wineries, you will most likely get a selection of wine delivered to your doorstep every month. Through restaurants, they will generally set aside a bottle of wine for you, and require you to consume in-house.

How to Prevent Homemade Wine Making Problems

In any endeavor, problems may occur and especially in homemade wine making we cannot just disregard these problems and should nip it in the bud as soon as possible. Here are some ways on how to prevent homemade wine making problems.

A Microbrewery’s Anniversary Party

Everyone celebrates a birthday and very few do it better than a brewery. The trend today for microbreweries is to celebrate the years of success and the many more to come with an Anniversary party bigger and better than the year before with live music, tasty food, special taps, and anniversary ales.

Microbreweries: Anniversary Ales and Anniversary Beers

There is only one beer made every year that celebrates that brewery to the fullest. This beer is their opus or symposium if you will. This is the Anniversary Ale. Microbreweries across the country create a special beer once a year every year to celebrate the past and bring in the new. Some of these ales are the same beer every year just tweaked while others are entirely new styles. Some are meant to be aged for years until being opened while others are meant to be drank immediately. Whichever the case may be these ales are very special, not only to the microbrewery that brews them, but to the loyal fans who wait for ales release.

Custom Labels: Creating the Perfect Wine Bottle Label

With the number of wine makers in the business, making your product stand out is the only way to thrive in that market. Your labels play a huge factor in being successful in this endeavor. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect wine bottle label for your business.

The 5 Most Expensive Bottles of Wine

One of the marks of a real wine connoisseur is the willingness to spend more than just $5 on a bottle, with the pure intention of savoring some of the most breathtaking tastes in the world. Even for most wine lovers though the thought of paying more than about $50 for a bottle would be seen as hugely excessive – and with good reason, as wine is a luxury, not a necessity! As with everything though there are some examples of wine being sold for astronomical prices, so what are the top five most expensive wines of all time?

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