The Fortified Wine Quiz – WSET style wine questions to test and quiz your knowledge

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In this video I test your knowledge of Fortified Wine with ten questions,

The format of the questions are similar to what you could expect in a WSET examination and therefore will be useful if you are studying or if not, JUST FOR FUN!!

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Big Wine Glasses – Best Option For the Wine Lovers

Are you one of those individual who are confused with the fact that wine glasses are prime factor which can influence the taste of wine? Well, I think that the taste of these classy drinks depend upon the wine glasses. I do not think that you can manage the guests with traditional cups for wine.

Cuisinart Wine Cellar – A Fresh Choice For Aficionado of Wines

If you are one of those individuals who love to spend their leisure time in enjoying the grand flavor of wine then you must invest your currency in wine cellars which can preserve the wine bottles. These cellars can help you in keeping your wine bottles safe and well secured.

Mikasa Wine Glass – Take the Pleasure From This Refined Wine Tableware

You must not be disappointed if you are unaware about the Fat Bastard Wine. As a matter of fact the name of this drink can draw your attention from the wine and force you to think for any individual. This name was given by the person who invented this wine. He fortuitously kept this name and this fermented drink was then recognized as Fat Bastard Wine.

Hosting a Wine Tasting Dinner

A great weight to conduct a wine tasting party, is to combine it with a wine tasting dinner. It would not be a great idea to try to do this for a party of 20 or more, but for a more intimate party of 4 to 8 friends. A wine tasting dinner is a great idea.

Making Homemade Wine For Beginners

Making wine at home is much easier than many people think, and can be greatly rewarding. If you have no idea of how wine can be made at home, this article will give you easy step-by-step instructions to enjoy your first batch of homemade wine!

Decorative Wine Racks Keep the Taste of Wines

Wines are alcohol fermented from grapes. It is an alcoholic drink made by fermenting the juice of grapes. A wine’s character is strongly affected by wine growing, or viticultural practices such as training, trellising, harvesting, and pruning. Training and trellising enable the viticulturist to control the sun exposure to ensure the grapes ripen evenly. It took years to produce the best wine and so, the taste of that wine should be preserved even after it was out in the market.

Give a Chance to Alcohol Free Wine

The anti-alcohol or teetotal wine is one of the healthiest and vitamin enriched drinks which can impart no adverse affect on the health of wine drinkers. The alcohol-free beer has the same taste as compared to the alcoholic drinks.

US Wine States – Washington

Do you know why currently is Washington State the second largest wine maker state behind California? Because its climate is good for grapes and generally receive two more hours of sunlight than most of the Californian vineyards. Washington has great young wines. Travelers have to try it.

Everstar Wine Cooler – Essential Things to Know About It

It is the passion of many people to collect different varieties of wines from different parts of the world. If you have also established a great collection of wine at your home then it would be best for you to purchase a wine cooler.

IKEA Wine Rack – Know About the Best Options Available in the Market

An elegant and appealing wine rack is very important for all the wine lovers. If you are investing a huge amount of money on the installation of this equipment at home then you would surely want that rack to be sophisticated and attractive. In the olden days the wine racks were very expensive but now a day you can get them at highly affordable prices in various wine accessory stores.

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