The Essential Guide to Wine Live Tasting

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Learn by tasting along with Madeline as she pairs three wines with her new book: The Essential Guide to Wine.

Judging Wine and Spirits – A Guide For Beginners

There is one general misconception among people that wine tasting is just sipping, swishing, and swallowing. But in truth, wine tasting is an art that distinguishes taste of fine wines.

Cooking With Wine

Cooking with wine can be a lot of fun and it can lend ambiance and sophistication to any meal. While some people use whatever wine they may have on hand, others only cook with certain wines. Some people just cook with the same wine that they are serving for dinner and that usually works out well. However, some wines have certain tastes that you may not want to introduce into the dish you are cooking…

A Summary Discussion Involving Malbec Clones Throughout Southern Oregon

In winemaking circles one frequently hears talk about newly introduced clones of familiar varietals, and how vineyards are either being replanted or grafted over to the new and improved scion. The list of recent favorites ranges from Dijon clones of Chardonnay and secret-agent sounding Pinot noir clones 777 or 115 to Tempranillo’s notorious and dizzying array of clones each masquerading under a multitude of synonyms.

Beer Brewing – Malting & Mashing – What Are the Fundamental Procedures to Producing a Good Brew?

Brewing beer has its basic fundamentals, although they are not entirely a set of rules which must be adhered to precisely. Manipulating each part of the brewing process can result in various outcomes, and in changing these, a brewer can determine the characteristics desired in the brew.

5 Tips on How to Buy Grape Muscadine Wine That You Will Love

If you live in the South you have probably grown up on Muscadine Grapes and Grape Muscadine Wine. However, for the rest of the world, the muscadine grape and its incredible health benefits remain a mystery. In this article we reveal the secrets of the Grape Muscadine Wine.

Reasons Why You Should Use Wine Glasses

With so many glassware items available, why should you use wine glasses? This question and more are answered in this article about the qualities wine glasses can bring to any event. Wine glasses are elegant items that truly embody the spirit of formal celebration.

Italian Winemaker Antonio Sangueneti Hosts Wine Tasting in Fort Lauderdale

Last night The Naked Grape Wine Bar in Wilton Manors hosted Italian Winemaker Antonio Sangueneti from Tuscany. Mr. Sangueneti poured six limited production vintages. I am not a fan of Italian wines per se they’re a bit to tannic for me. So I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to objectively write and get excited about all these Small Vineyards wines, let alone face the winemaker himself.

Beer Brewing – Wort & Fermentation – Is it True That All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait?

With the mashing process of malted grain completed, certain duties have been relieved in order to continue the beer brewing process. It is at this stage commonly that the amateur home brewer can enter the process of beer brewing with readily available liquid malt extract in a can. Whether the raw ingredients of barley grain are more difficult to come by, or the brewer wishes to bypass the elementary level of mashing, these canned syrups which just require the addition of water can certainly make the whole brewing process more convenient to the average consumer brewer.

Types of Wine Compatibles

Wine is a unique drink that is adored and coveted by many. Its taste and accompaniment with dinner has made it one of the most popular drinks available. This article will discuss the methods in which wine tasters use to maximize their wine drinking experience and the differences between red and white wine.

Wine Glasses – A Brief Introduction

Drinking wine is more of an experience than just a simple act. With every wine tasting, the taster draws closer to becoming an expert. Knowing wine glasses is part of being a wine tasting aficionado and this article overviews all the aspects of wine drinking that has to do with wine glasses.

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