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Jonathan Boring of The California Wine Club demonstrates its on how to use The Cork Pops Corkscrew

Champagne – A Great Accident

Do you realize how many great discoveries, like champagne, were made by accident? In the past, many of the best vineyards in France were controlled by the Catholic Church and run by monasteries. Some of the best vineyards in Champagne were in the hands of the Church by the 17th century.

Essential Barware

When setting up a home bar, you’ll want to invest in a starter set of essential barware. While you don’t have to set up an entire bar in your kitchen, you will want to consider what types of drinks you will most likely serve.

Tokaji – A Sweet Wine

Tokaji-Hegyalja, a notable wine region in Hungary, is known for its unique wines. Tokaji, a sweet wine, is also known as Tokay.

A Guide to New York Wine Regions

New York has a long history of vineyards, starting with the Dutch settlers 400 years ago. In the last 30 years, New York wineries have exploded from only 19 to more than 200 today.

Help in Understanding Wine Labels

There is an old saying, “You cannot read a book by its cover.” The United States requires certain information to be included on the labels of wines sold, regardless of whether the wine was produced domestically or was imported. While you cannot really get an actual “taste” of the wine by reading its label, you can certainly find a lot of information about a prospective wine by looking at the label on the bottle.

The Aesthetics of the Wine Decanter

While a wine decanter offers a clear aesthetic to a dinner event is does have an even clearer function. That is to help aerate your wine and remove any sediment that has collected in the wine bottle. Sediment can especially build up in red wines.

Finding the Perfect Wine Rack Design For You

It is important, especially for wine enthusiasts and the occasional drinker, to have a proper storage to keep and showcase their sparkling wines of many varieties. Whether you are in business in collecting vintage wines or just keeping fine wines for occasional parties and special occasions, having a wine rack adds to the allure of your house. In fact, having a well-designed wine rack can reap you lots of attention and may even increase the value of your wines. There are particular things to consider, however, when choosing a wine rack for purchase. Surely, an important factor is the wine rack design which ultimately captures the attention of most wine aficionados and their viewing guests.

Bad Wine – Six Tell-Tale Signs

With more quality wine available at ever-lower prices, it’s never been so easy to be an amateur wine buff. But how can you tell if the wine you’re drinking has seen better days?

Sulfites and Red Wine Headaches

What is the culprit in red wine that causes headache or migraine, or as it is sometimes known “Red Wine Headache” (RWH), after a glass or more of this lovely beverage? Is it the red wine in its entirety, the sulfites in the wine or perhaps even the tannin?

Make Your Own Wine at Home – What is Wine?

TRUE wine is the product of the grape, we are often reminded, but any winemaker of experience will assure you that we have no cause to feel in any way ashamed of the “country wines” which can be produced from our native fruits, berries and flowers. Many of these sound wines, robust or delicate according to character, dry or sweet according to one’s taste, are truly wines in their own right, quite capable of standing comparison with many which can be obtained commercially.

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