The Colors of Wine Explained

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Episode #8 Part 1 of Julien’s Wine School where Julien explains what gives its colors to wine, where do these red, white, and rosé hues come from depending on the different wine styles, their origin in the grapes, the winemaking and their evolution during ageing.

My complete guide to the many colors and terminology (names) of wines in all hues on my blog Social Vignerons with color variation infographics:

As a qualified winemaker, I made the research into the science of wine (enology) to find out and clear things up once and for all about the chemical and scientific origin of the color of white, rosé and red wines, the anthocyanins and tannins and more.

Check out part 2 where I looked at the color of red and rosés:

Also, see Julien’s Wine School Episode 1 where I discuss why it is important to observe the appearance (sight) of you vino before tasting:

See you soon again in the wonderful world of wine.


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