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Jonathan Boring of The California Wine Club discuss The Chardonnay wine glasses.

Review Edna Valley Merlot ’05

The other day I saw a posting somewhere that said ” when was your first.” Your mind sort of starts wandering. First, FIIIRRRSSSTTTT kiss? First *&$%^# or what? Digging a little further I found the answer…

Review Drylands Sauvignon Blanc ’07 Marlborough

A lot of Sundays we sort of gravitate to the BBQ area…its like its calling us. I do not want to brag, but I will anyway, I make the most awesome chicken quarters around!

Alpha Males and Rose

One of the terrific things about my job is the diversity of queries we get from clients. A perspective on the art of loving Rose wine as a style.

Rosenvale And Being Part of the Mile-High Club

It is a common misnomer that wine tastes the same everywhere. Being someone who usually gets Row 76- J just behind the colicky baby and in front of the blocked up loos, I reckon I am well equipped to take the view that whatever liquid passing for red wine that is poured from those silly little bottles which are so small they wouldn’t even get a size 1 supermodel tipsy, definitely would taste better in Row 1- A, sitting next to the aforementioned supermodel.

To Gris Or Not to Gris – That is the Question

I have been belly-aching about the need for a serious contender to the oceans of Sauvignon Blanc which have been washing over us all for the past few years – yes Cloudy Bay has done for Sauvignon Blanc what eBay has done for home shopping, but seriously there has to be the occasional break from the cat’s pee and cut grass of your average Marlborough quaffer – and so I hooked my rusty wagon to the Pinot Gris movement.

Hydrometers Simplify Homemade Beer Brewing

Recent years have seen home – made beer brewing becoming more and more popular all around the world. Although no – one knows the exact reason for this it is likely to come down to several factors.

Five More Great 90+ Wines Under 20 Dollars

Great wine doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are five more 90+ wines that are under $20.

My Top Three Pinot Noir Flavours of the Month

When I am asked what my favourite pinot noir currently is, I am thrown into as much confusion about what to pick as Ferrari Formula One driver – Kimmi Raikkonen must be about which Pit-Stop bunny to choose to spray him in champagne when he wins a race. There really are just too many to pick only one…

A Taste of Indulgence – How to Become a Champagne Connoisseur

There are many ways to improve your knowledge about champagne. With just the right amount of determination, perseverance and dedication, you will be a good champagne connoisseur in no time.

The Pleasures of White Wine – Experiencing White Wine to the Fullest

With a deep understanding on the special qualities and richness of white wine, you can better experience the distinct aroma and taste that it offers. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or a just a beginner, you can never be too knowledgeable when it comes to white wine.

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