The Champagne Flute – The California Wine Club

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Jonathan Boring of The California Wine Club discuss The Champagne Wine Flute.

Why Muscadine Reveratrol is More Popular Than Ever

As any wine connoisseur knows, the foundation of any good wine is the grape itself. Different grapes produce distinctly different flavors in the finished product. While there are many kinds of grapes that are used in wine making, some of the most common European varieties include merlot, chardonnay, pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon.

Online Wine Sales Can Save You a Lot of Money

Wine can be a very expensive hobby. This is because originally the drink was only for the extremely wealthy. The very cheap wines that exist tend not to be very high in quality.

Microbrewing – Brewery Tours Offer Insight to Beer Making

Microbrewing isn’t a new concept, but its definitely a trend that has picked up speed over recent years. Visiting a brewery will give you insight into the process in case you’re interested in mashing up your own batch.

Learn How to Make Beer at Home

There are many questions left unanswered and sometimes people wonder how to make a beer right at the comfort of their homes. You may think that this is just an ordinary task. Think again.

Healing Power of Wine

A daily touch of the grape can have astounding healthy benefits for you. Wine can prevent illness and promote longevity and promise to help you live out your years more beautifully. Some research have shown that red wine can even prevent Alzheimer’s disease as well as heart disease.

Review – Frisch 2007 Riesling, Monterey

Ron and I decided to have Chinese food from a local restaurant “The Red Pearl”. As we sat down and focused on this wine bottle, my thoughts immediately went to Germany. This label was not only German in the name but very much so in the look of the label.

Wines From the Cote De Provence

If you are looking for villa rentals in the south of France, the chances are that you have a at least a passing interest in wine! In this short guide we identify the key facts about wine production in Provence and identify a few ways of furthering your knowledge by means of wine festivals and connoisseur’s events.

All There Is to Know About Wine Racks

Wine racks are “shelves’ that store wine. It helps keep them organized and away from any spilling or destroying of bottles easily. The reason why the racks are for placing bottles on the side, is to help keep the cork damp and prevent bubbles from forming.

Domaine Des Dorices Muscadet ’06

Maybe I have not tried hard enough, but I have not had that much luck with wines from France. I am sure obviously, there are thousands of great French wines out there however, I just have just not found one, yet…

How to Drink Beer and Lose Weight While Doing It

Oh yes, it can be done. Follow me on a journey into the dream of many men and women who love beer, but don’t want the beer gut that goes with it.

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