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How to Easily Make Homemade Wine

Making wine at home can be easy to do when you learn the best techniques. Wine can be fun to drink and making your own can be a great way to enjoy wine. Whether you like red or white wine you can learn how to make your own wine. There are a lot of varieties and you can try several different ones.

Wine Making Kits – How to Make Perfect Homemade Wine

Wine Making Kits are the perfect way to get started making your own homemade wine. Here are all the reasons why…

Fining Agents For Homemade Wine Making

Fining during wine making is the stage at which clarification takes place. Most wine makers take great pains to ensure their wine is as clear and particle-free as possible. Fining may also be done to improve the wine’s stability or to reduce bitter flavors or off aromas.

Resveratrol Wine Information – Know How Resveratrol Wine Affects Your Body

Resveratrol created a lot of hype in the past few years. This compound is an antioxidant found in different plant species such as grapes, blue berries, bilberries, cranberries, and is an ingredient of the red wine. The chemical compound is produced by plants when pathogens such as bacteria and fungi attack them.

Wine and Food Pairing – What You Need to Know

Wine does not only come with accessories. It comes, more importantly, with food. A drinking party will not be complete without food. Or, to correct the sentence, a drinking party will not be complete without pairing it with the right food.

The Great Albarino Scandal of 2009

Like with the rugby, the global dominance of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is annoying for every good Australian wine-grower and it is heartening to see the growers trying new regions, clones and varietals to come up with a contender to the good old Marborough cats-pee and capsicum concoctions of New Zealand. One of the countries the Australians looked to for alternatives was Spain and in particular, the Albarino grape.

Treana Central Coast Mer Soleil Vineyard ’05 – Marsanne 50%, Viognier 50%

Just a few short notes on a white you may enjoy. The other night we opened a bottle of white wine from Paso Robles, Treana Central Coast Mer Soleil Vineyard ’05 – Marsanne 50%, Viognier 50%.

Review – Tapiz Melbec ’06 Mendoza Argentina

In South America at the southern tip of the continent sits Argentina. Surrounded by Chili, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil and Uruguay. This country has emerged as one the leaders in South America for wine quality and production.

Review Markham Cabernet Sauvignon ’03

I just hate drinking a wine and then not writing about it, so I am about 4 bottles behind. Yes, it is because its summer and there are a thousand things going on. Last week after we finished wine tasting at the Bernardus tasting room in Carmel Valley Village, we headed to our room at Asilomar to change and hit one more day of beach bumming.

The Hangover and Getting Rid of One

If you’re like me then when I’m hung over I really just want a few things; a bucket, cold towel, my bed and just leave me the hell alone. The thumping head, constant feeling of dizziness and this is the only time in life that I want time to really fly by.

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