The California Wine Club Proudly Features Sei Querce Winery

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“High-end viticulture is inherently an intense farming activity that can be very hard on the land,” says Founder Hal Hinkle. “Through careful, yet unrelenting
practices to support the motto ‘great wines come from a healthy planet,’ we are working to be among the first to produce certified carbon neutral wines in the United States.” In 2010 and 2012, he bought two adjoining ranches in
Geyserville. Hal began restoring 1,500 feet of Fay and Sei Querce Creeks and converted the existing vineyards to CCOF organic, Fish Friendly, and California Certified Sustainable Winegrower farming. He researched the soils, climate, exposures of the vineyards and ampelography to design one of the most environmentally friendly vineyards in Northern California.

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