The California Wine Club Presents Tess and Spelletich

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Nearly 30 years ago in Rutherford, Lisa and Ariana Peju decided to help their dad, Tony, create a special wine. Over the ensuing years, Lisa and Ariana watched their parents, Tony and Herta, create one of the most prestigious and iconic Napa Valley wineries. So it is no surprise that in 2012, these sisters joined hands to create their own brand, Tess.

Wine in the United Kingdom

For a long time in the United Kingdom, wine, owing mainly to high Customs Duties levied by the Government, was drunk only by a privileged minority, but since the reduction of Duties, mainly on Table (or Beverage) Wines. In 1949, consumption has increased enormously and spread through all classes of society.

Enjoyment of Wine

For the full enjoyment of wine, the eye, the nose and the palate all come into play: the eye to appreciate the colour; the nose to savour the aroma, and the palate for enjoyment of the taste. Thus wine should be drunk at leisure, when full enjoyment can be derived by all the senses. Fine wines should be sipped rather than gulped, although some of the cheaper varieties may be quaffed.

The Perfect Wine Goblet Gift

I think in the gift’s industry crystal wine goblets are overlooked somewhat as gifts when in fact I think of them as one of the most useful presents to give. When you receive a present, you want it to be expensive looking, useful and extravagant. But when you give a gift yourself you rarely want to splurge out on the hundreds of dollars that would usually require.

Unique Lolita Wine Glasses

On a random night out with friends, Lolita Healy grasped the idea of modifying simple martini wine glasses. She was intrigued by the martini menu and the variations in it which actually features the character of women. Thus, the Lolita wine glasses are specifically configured with hand painted designs or striking lines to go with any mood.

The Importance Of Storing The Home Made Wine At The Right Temperature

Once you’ve made the wine and bottled it, you need to ensure that it is stored at careful temperatures so that the wine remains stable. Cool temperatures of about 55 Fahrenheit work best for most bottled wines. Cool temperatures actually help minimize the effects of wine oxidation.

Growing Your Wine Grapes – Introduction

You can make wine from many different fruits, vegetables and even herbs, however grapes are still the most popular ones to be used for this purpose. One of the country that has the best grapes for making wine is France, particularly in the area of Bordeaux.

Easy Wine Making Step By Step

Real wine lovers will want eventually to make their own wine. Initially the process might seem just a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s quite easy to make your own wine actually. However you need to learn a few things about the basic steps to making wine before you attempt to actually do it.

How To Make Rose Wine At Home

More and more wine makers want to try making rose wine, and this seems to become quite popular nowadays. Earlier on, rose wine was hardly looked upon as something that people only drink during summer. The really important wines used to be the white and red wines. However now rose is rising in popularity with many people.

Making Wine At Home Basics

You might be curious about making your own wine or you might have actually friends who do it. No matter what, you need to understand that wine making is not a difficult task, even though some people might have you believe otherwise. There are thousands of people all over the world drinking their own home made wine and why wouldn’t you become one of them as well?

How To Make Sparkling Wine For Those Special Occasions

Most people who make wine, like to make the regular one (sweet or dry) that can be consumed with every meal and for every occasion. However now and then it is interesting to make wine that is sparkling, which goes for those special occasions and those parties. Sparkling wine comes to mind here. Some people might find intimidating the thought of making it, however the process is not difficult at all.

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