The California Wine club presents Spain’s Ecce Vinum Winery

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“After 10 years of creating wines in the different zones of Spain, I was excited and full of energy to start my own project,” says Moisés Casas, who founded Ecce Vinum with Elena García. “Our entire project is guided by a simple idea: We want to be the benchmark for modern wine associated with excellent quality and originality.” Moisés serves as winemaker and Elena as export manager, and both tend the vines.

What To Consider While Choosing The Appropriate Wine Glass?

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A Glimpse of the Wine Industry

Whenever you take a sip of your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay, you may wonder how many people in the world share your love for one of the world’s most favorite drinks: wine. Is it a flourishing industry that accommodates the drinking passion of many people all over the globe?

Additional Facts About Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a red wine grape variety that originated in Burgundy, France. Its success in the world of wines has prompted other wine regions of the world to grow the vine. Despite its being temperamental and sensitivity to light and soil, Pinot Noir still managed to produce a wine that has captivated the taste of some of the world’s wine experts. It is one of the reasons why the Pinot is one of the most sought-after wines in the world today.

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Money-saving deals can make even the biggest spender happy, especially when it involves discounts and price-off deals on their favorite things to buy. Wines, which often come expensive, need not be if you know where to find the best, although not exactly the priciest bottles.

Tips for Buying Sparkling Wine on a Budget

Champagnes are expensive. If you are an average earner, you can hardly buy it without backing it up with sufficient budget. If you want to drink bubbly on special occasions, there is a way that you can do it at a lesser cost. You should try sparkling wine instead.

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Even Wine From Grapes Grown In Mountain Areas Adds New Dimensions To Wines

With the recent designation of Moon Mountain AVA in Sonoma Valley, it is interesting to look at some of the attributes of wine grapes grown in higher elevations versus valley floors. Mountain grapes are different and the wines they spawn add to the mystery of wine.

Do Your Research and Have a Great Time Visiting Local Wineries

Add some excitement to your travel plans by going to a few wineries. You can enjoy a great meal, some great drinks and learn more about the different types of wines that are manufactured there.

Tips to Drink Less Wine

There’s no doubt that at least most wine tastes good. The subtle aromas and flavours that are brought out, the feel in your mouth and that warm glow you get when you’ve drunk a glass or two or more. But of course that last bit is the problem – wine is more-ish.

Commercial Beverage Cooler: Keeps Beer Chilled At All Times

Keg beer has multiple advantages over bottled beer. It tastes much better and costs less when bought in bulk. In other words, keg beer is more suitable for commercial establishments, such as bars, that serve beer.

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